Friday, November 21, 2014

4 Weeks till Xmas Holidays!

Friday. Wooo! No idea how I survived a 5 day week - haha. Only 4 more to go till Xmas :)

So yeah, it's been a quiet week. Work. Life. Puppy walks. Little else. My life has been complicated by the fact that The Trucker decided to try this banting lark :/ As you might be able to tell, I am less than a believer in this. He seems to be loving it tho. But it is making grocery shopping and dinner a little trickier.

All my stuff is fat-free or low-fat (yogurt, mayo, milk etc.) and now he's buying butter and coconut oil and stuff that pretty much looks like lard (coconut something or other). He's talking about making "fat shakes". I don't understand. It seems so completely contrary to me. Anyhoo, here's hoping he'll lose some weight (because he's back at the gym now too and it's been bothering him) and the novelty of the "diet" will wear off in a month or two ...

Oooh, but in exciting news, I got a delivery at work yesterday from Bio-Oil. They'd mailed me while I was at Kruger because they'd heard I was pregnant and recommend Bio-Oil for stretch marks. So they sent me a hamper. Wow! I was expecting a sample or something but got a huge box of goodies :)

There is a lovely basket which everyone has commented will be awesome for storing nappies. And inside it was packed with 3 different Bio-Oil samples, a cute little babygro, a hooded towel and a photo album for scan pics. How thoughtful!

We've had Bio-Oil in the house since my boob op. I used it for the scaring then and my scars have healed really well. I also love sprinkling it in my bath because I have quite dry skin. So, naturally, I'm definitely using it during my pregnancy for any possibility of stretch marks ... I rub it on my boobs, belly and hips (almost) every morning and evening. I was also trying the Pregne Creme samples that came with my vitamins, but have worked out now that that is actually what was causing my crazy itchiness! So have stopped completely and switched to Bio-Oil 100%.

No progress yet on naming The Littlest One, but I am playing with Nursery ideas ... so far I am leaning heavily towards a Dinosaur theme. I know that might seem to some to be a strange choice for a little girl, I think it is awesome. I have always loved and been fascinated with Dinosaurs (what kid hasn't?) and as a friend of mine said to me, since I am not a conventional girly girl, why should my daughter be. The way I look at it, this is probably the last time I get to pick her room theme ... if she wants princesses or something when she's older, we can do that then.

That said I'm not really sure how much "theme" we'll really stick with ... since as I said previously, we won't be in this house very long after she is born. (I said she! Still excites me :) ) And I don't want to limit any other cool things I find ... so we'll see. I may just go with a theme of "Everything, Go Crazy!" haha. Who can tell ...

These are the things really inspiring me at the moment (all found on Etsy):

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Louisa said...

Those dinos are so cute!
Yip, enjoy picking the theme...once they start deciding for themselves you never get a chance again. ;-)
I think we might, slowly, be heading out of the pink phase into a purple one.

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