Monday, November 24, 2014

Quiet One

Shew. This is gonna be a rough one at work ... but in the mean time, it's still quiet :) So I will enjoy the calm before the storm. Aside from all the load-shedding that led to our servers being off and the fact that half our area (incl my desk) has no power ... so am hijacking someone else's desk in the meantime so I can charge my laptop before they arrive!

The weekend. It wasn't very busy. The Trucker's mom came to visit for the weekend (with her dogs). She stayed at his sister (which is in the same complex, so easy enough). So we headed there for dinner on Friday evening.

On Saturday we didn't see them because we had the annual Xmas Party at DJMike's place. Shew, yet again, what an amazing spread of food! Nice to meet his little daughter finally too (3 months now). And, of course, catch-up with the familiar faces :)

Shew, but I was pretty shattered after that and headed home to nap. And then shortly after The Trucker woke me, our power went out :( So I hopped in the bath with my Kindle and some candlelight ... and the power was back on before I even got out! Haha. Luckily after such a big lunch we didn't need much in the way of dinner.

On Sunday we had The Trucker's mom & sister over for breakfast and then went grocery shopping. It was a glorious rainy Sunday so we settled in and relaxed. Till the sun came out and then we took Peps for a walk. The Trucker had big plans to try making a Cauli-base pizza for dinner. But we lost the power again at 6pm and it wasn't on again yet by 7:30pm so we headed to The Mariner for Sunday half-price Sushi.

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