Friday, November 28, 2014

Buying for Baby

Hello Friday! Shew, this has been one crazy long week. Monday and Tuesday were absolutely insane at work. People who work with computers may be familiar with the freeze that a lot of companies implement around this time of year ... so there are no code changes etc. while most of the staff are on leave. We were running a tight deadline to get a bunch of projects live before our freeze (Wednesday) and we managed 13 go lives in 2 days. A minor miracle, really.

So yeah, those two days felt like a whole week in themselves. So I took a duvet day yesterday. Boy did I need it! Also managed to get some Baby Admin out the way this week :) 20 weeks today! I think that's officially half way ... wowee.

1. I've done my maternity pre-admission 2. Booked the 4D scan for January (who knew the gynaes don't do them!) 3. Did I mention I booked flights to Cape Town for a weekend in Feb for a Baby Shower with the family (and a handful of Cape Town friends) 4. We bought a pram! 5. We bought a cot 6. We bought a baby monitor (super pleased with this ... apparently it only arrived in the country a week ago! Finally they have one that links to your smart phone).

In case you couldn't tell from the above, we popped in at MamaMagic yesterday. OMG. It was completely overwhelming ... and the queues! But we got the pram & cot we'd been eyeing already (at a saving of R1500) and then they launched the new monitors there too (so that was another R600 saving or so ... they don't know what the in-store price will be yet). Am kinda surprised that The Trucker hasn't set up the monitor yet to play with - haha.

So yay. The "Big Stuff" is out the way. The only other "big" item I want is a nice chest of drawers (white) for her room. And then I guess I'll have to organise myself a baby registry of stuffs. OMG there is so much fun stuff :) I am definitely going to have to rely on the already-moms to figure out the necessities for me - haha.

At the moment the future-nursery is still packed with other-house-stuffs ... a veritable dumping ground. We are going to need to dedicate some serious time to sorting that out. But at least we have a while :)

This week I also had a delivery from Hill's. I'm not sure if their Ideal Balance is a new range or if they've just launched some new flavours for Xmas, but both Gypsy and Pepper got something new to try from them :)

Pepper got a bag of Ideal Balance Oven Baked Naturals with Turkey and Cranberries. She loves a treat but these seem to confuse her a little, we've never really given her biscuits so I think she struggles with how hard they are. But given a few minutes she gobbles it down.

Gypsy got a bag of Ideal Balance Crunchy Naturals Treats with Real Tuna. Unfortunately Gypsy generally doesn't eat fish-flavoured things (we luckily learnt this early on and she only gets Chicken flavoured treats now). So when I first gave her one she turned up her nose, but yesterday she ate one. So I have hope. Otherwise, my mom's cats are gonna have a nice Xmas pressie :) Haha.

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