Monday, December 01, 2014

It's December!

Shew. And just like that it's December.

I had a pretty awesome weekend ... it was back to busy and the End of Year crazy is starting in full force this week! On Friday afternoon Mom had her surgery. Turns out it was Gallstones. So actually I was kinda relieved (they can't be cancerous which was a huge fear of mine). She's been back at home since Saturday and sounds a like she's on the mend!

On Friday evening we had a lazy one ... in fact I can't even remember that far back. Oh, I think we watched Guardians of the Galaxy. I wasn't terribly impressed.

On Saturday I had brunch with the Blog Girls (Louisa, Arkwife, Ruby Letters and Tamara 0h) at our usual spot, Papachinos. It was a lovely morning of catching up with everyone :) And then I headed home for a pretty relaxing afternoon.

In the evening, The Trucker wanted steak for dinner. Which left us in a bit of a confusion ... since I generally don't often eat steak, so we had no idea where to go. We tried Turn & Tender, but at 7pm on a Saturday evening we couldn't get a table. So we headed to our back-up plan, the nearby LBV. Which was booked out for a private function.

So we headed homewards and decided to give Let's Meat in Bel-Airs a try. We knew we'd get in because the place always looks quiet ... which is why I hadn't been keen to go their in the first place. Oh wow. We will definitely be going back. I even had steak! And it was delish :) Even tho, I do think it's on the slightly over-priced side of things. The Trucker had a 300g rump with their Portuguese sauce and I had a 200g fillet with their surf & turf sauce. I was blown away and that was a tough choice because their other sauces also sound amazing! So yes, we will be going back :)

On Sunday I headed to Tasha's in Rosebank for brunch with @nadia_ass. So good catching up :) And then I did a little shopping ... it was supposed to be scouting for xmas pressies, but I ended up coming home with 2 dresses for myself instead haha.

I got home to find The Trucker had bought new tarp for the bunny hutch (Pepper had chewed the old rain-covering we had for them to pieces!) and even cleaned the hutch! Along with having done the week's grocery shopping. I felt very spoilt :)

And that was pretty much it for our weekend ... he headed off to play cricket in the afternoon, but it got rained out. And I just enjoyed the storm from our patio :)

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Louisa said...

It was great seeing you on Saturday, pregnancy really suits you! :-)

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