Monday, December 08, 2014

Fabulous Weekend

Awe, we had a really good weekend. It started on Friday afternoon with our office Year End function. Better than last year aside from the fact that I couldn't drink. I stuck with mock-mojitos ... crushed lemon, mint and ice with sprite zero.

I did take strain tho and was pretty exhausted by the time I left (early by some standards) at 19h35.

On Saturday morning we tried a new breakfast (Urban Angel) spot I saw Jenty mention on her blog. I reiterate her comment that we are in sore need of good breakfast spots in that part of Joburg. And I was super impressed with this little spot.

I had a peanut butter, banana and yogurt smoothie with their Bagel Breakfast. It was spot-on. And there are definitely more items on the menu I'll be back to try :)

In the afternoon we headed to Emmerentia for The Lumineers concert. Shewee it was a hot afternoon. We camped out on our picnic blanket under the trees until The Lumineers came on. We ended up near the back, and it's not the best venue in my opinion ... Well, I don't really like Emmerentia in general. I don't think it's much of a Botanical Garden, more of just a park with giant stretches of lawn. I consider Kirstenbosch and Walter Sisulu to be proper Botanical Gardens. So anyway, the sound wasn't great. So I'm glad we got to see them in San Francisco. That was a much better show, I thought. But it was still a nice way to spend an afternoon :)

Unfortunately we got home to no power (of course) so went to bed early with our Kindles.

On Sunday morning we were up fairly early (the power came back at about 3:30am) and headed to Silverstar for breakfast before going to the Tutankhamun exhibition with The Trucker's niece. Not much was open for breakfast but we found a nice little spot called Vigour & Verve.

The exhibition was awesome. One of the best I've been to! I love the little dome "globe" they had it in (so much better than the revolting venue where they had the Da Vinci exhibition, although Silverstar is much further out). And I was super impressed that the audio guides were free. Definitely the way an exhibition should be done! And they had childrens-versions and adult-versions. The flow thru the exhibit was also set up well. Although I got a bit bored towards the end (the rest of the bits and pieces in the tomb don't fascinate me as much as the tomb itself or the mummy).

But seriously, what is with the people taking photos all the way thru the exhibit?! You know it's all replica stuff, right? Just sit back and enjoy and take it in, absorb the experience itself ... unless you're creating a pamphlet or a booklet for the expo, you are NEVER going to look at those photos ever again. I just got irritated because they got in the way and I'm not just talking about people with their cellphones either (they were there too) but there was a woman with her freaking SLR! I do not understand.

After that it was a whirlwind grocery shop and then back to clean the house before our friends came over for a braai. What a great afternoon! We didn't have power again for most of the afternoon, but no one noticed (luckily it went off just after we made the potato salad!). And by the time everyone left (around 6pm) it was back on again.

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The Chantal said...

lol maybe they didn't know they are replicas! I totally agree, I prefer to absorb as much as I can than take photos which sit in a folder on the pc never looked at.

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