Friday, December 19, 2014


Well it hasn't been such a bad week. Work is showing no sign of slowing down, but the days full of meetings have ground to a halt so have managed to work from home yesterday & today so am getting quite a lot done from the comfort of my bed (my back has started really taking strain - pregnancy symptom, I presume?).

Aside from that we had a lovely public holiday on Tuesday, which was disguised as a Satuday: busy morning and lazy afternoon. We had dinner out with some friends at Let's Meat. This time I tried their Nutella & Chili Chocolate sauce with a fillet. Shew. Decadent. But a little too burny for my mouth when I accidentally ate one of the chili chunks. Glad I tried it but doubt I'll have that one again. The Trucker had the Surf & Turf sauce I had last time.

And last night we headed to The Gourmet Garage for a long overdue catch-up with CollegeInstructor. He's been on holiday for ages (seriously, I think it was something like 6-8 weeks!) in Mexico and Cuba so was awesome to hear about it. Sadly we all decided Gourmet Garage has outlived it's deliciousness. It's been ages since we were last their. And although nothing beats those chili-cheese fries, the rest wasn't as good as we remembered it being previously.

And that is that. I reckon I can survive the 2 days left of work next week before Xmas break ;) Nervous about Xmas pressies arriving in time ... sposed to be collecting Mom's tomorrow and The Trucker's niece's should be arriving next week. I couldn't get what I wanted for The Peeb so back to the drawing board for that o_0 Oh, and NOTHING has been wrapped. #sigh. Oh yes, and The Trucker and I are no closer to any gifts for each other ... It's starting to nag at my brain. I definitely feel like there hasn't been enough time this year. And I have no bright ideas for anyone on what I want since I'm so focused on next year and what we need for the Babe ... so I don't want clothes cause who knows how long they'll fit for, I do want a new handbag but I know I'll need one of those Baby Bag things next year. See, it's like living in a weird limbo till you figure out exactly what you need.

At least I've managed to steer myself away from buying cute baby stuff. Because for the most part the things I have been eyeing, I'm pretty sure she won't be using / needing for at least a few years haha.

Righto, back to work then.

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