Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost Done

Shewee. That was our last "regular programming" weekend on 2014. And the final 2 working days have begun. Although I suspect they'll be fairly unproductive, honestly. The drive to work today was total bliss! And I can't help wondering if it felt calm like this every day, how much that would affect our mindsets and stress levels. I sometimes think we forget life wasn't always like this for everyone.

The weekend was pretty good. I'm still apparently being difficult because I don't know what to tell people to get me. #sigh. Haha.

On Friday evening we got pizza and watched Gone Girl. Brilliant. Finally something The Trucker couldn't predict ;) I thought it did very well against the book. But I don't think it ended the same ... it's been a while tho. Seriously, there are so few good movies at the moment, watch this one!

On Saturday we had to go collect my mom's gift from somewhere far away (the East) so figured we'd spoil ourselves with some Salvation Cafe breakfast to end the year (it has been too long!). We were very disappointed to find it closed and the only other option there was Vovo Telo. Which, really, would never be on my list. I find their breakfasts boring and insufficient. And this time was no different. Very annoying having this awesome expectation and ending up with something functional but disappointing :( Plus Stanley Beer Yard was apparently having their Xmas function later in the day and they were blaring their music over the Vovo Telo music and patrons. It was a very unpleasant way to start the day.

But anyhoo ... then it was off to collect Mom's gift. Damn, I wish we'd been able to find it in Cape Town. It's a rather irregular shape and size ... so luckily it's being sent down on one of the The Trucker's connection's trucks to Cape Town today. I think we would've struggled taking it on the plane. Thank goodness that even tho he's out of the trucking business, he still has friends who can help out :)

Then we headed to Woodmead to try finish up the rest of our Xmas shopping. It was chaos.

And when we got home, did we relax? Well, some of us did (me). The Trucker mowed the lawn and laid down some compost. The garden looks awesome! And then we invited some friends over for a braai. What a great evening :)

On Sunday we met up with some other friends at Urban Angel for breakfast and then headed to Rosebank. Now that I'm doing my photo wall again, I need some more frames for the new photos (adding what I could find from The Trucker's side of the family).

Then we really were shattered by the time we got home. The rest of Sunday was very quiet.

Did I mention we've now managed to buy all the plastic dinosaurs and we've ordered the wood for the nursery's DIY projects? Unfortunately sorting thru the spare room is no closer to being done o_0

Oh, and I had a visit to the vet with Gyps on Friday morning :( Her one eye seemed to have a lot of gunk in it. So I took her just to get checked. Turns out she has 4 tiny ulcers in her eye (they drop in this stuff that makes it glow green!). So she's been on eye drops since then. Currently she is hating me :( Back to the vet this afternoon, and hopefully it'll be sorted! Fingers crossed ...

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Louisa said...

Yikes! It can't be fun eye dropping a cat. Hope it gets better soon.

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