Monday, January 19, 2015


Ah, the weekend. I definitely need more of those. I am struggling to find the motivation to come to work these days ... at least I have another 2 4-day weeks in a row :D Yip we're going away this weekend with The High Life (who is out visiting from Bermuda) and his family.

This weekend was good. I definitely have lost interest in doing too much! So on Friday we did nothing: stayed in, ordered take-out (Nandos) and watched Birdman. I'd heard it was brilliant. It wasn't. It was boring. It felt like a Woody Allen movie ... something that was taking itself far too seriously but didn't really go anywhere. Yawn. Although these days that probably means it'll win a ton of awards. Michael Keaton also seemed to be playing a role written for Bill Murray.

Anyhoo. On Saturday we had a lazy morning and then headed to Smile to try it out (I was thinking of it as an alternative to Papachinos as a possible Baby Shower venue ... since it is new and has a pretty cool kiddies area). My meal was delish, but the service was pretty erratic. And the menu is fairly small. The play area looks like fun, but it wasn't easy to see from all the tables.

After that we did a few random errands that didn't really amount to much (nursery related). And then when we got home The Trucker mowed the lawn - the grass grows so fast in summer!

In the evening we headed to Col'Cacchio with friends for dinner. Wonderful evening.

On Sunday we woke up to a very overcast morning and took Pepper out to Walkhaven. Awe she absolutely loved it! And then we got the grocery shopping done and The Trucker went to play cricket while I relaxed for the afternoon. The lazy has set in big time! I am justifying it as there will not be much time for lazy in a few months!

Then when The Trucker got home he made us zucchini noodles with a tomato & bacon sauce. OMG. It was so good. We'd bought ourselves a julienne peeler in the morning's grocery shop ... we lucked out and found one at Verimark for a mere R20 (I thought they must've listed the price wrong!). All in all, a meal we will definitely be making again :)

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