Friday, January 16, 2015

27 weeks

So we had another scan on Wednesday :) All is going well. I feel like I should actually mention how awesome this whole pregnancy thing has been a bit here ... I feel like I'm only really saying anything when I have an occasional symptom / side effect.

So, in case you were wondering, it has been awesome. It is awesome. Not having had any nausea and even the few symptoms I've had haven't lasted very long. The sheer exhaustion only lasted about 2 weeks in the very beginning. I haven't had a sip of Gaviscon in ... okay I can't remember when I last did (I needed it for about a week on and off). I had that tendon pain for 24 hours. I had some lower back pain in early to mid December. And that, really, is that.

It's awesome being pregnant. Well, it feels the same as not being pregnant mostly. Aside from this huge bump ... which I LOVE. I know, how can you love a bump? It feels amazing. I have no idea why. But it is awesome to just stare at in the mirror and to rub (like a self soothing). It is quite something to celebrate being bigger. And I think it looks fantastic. Okay, so my boobs have not gotten any bigger ... which I was sorta hoping for, but hey, I haven't had to spend money on new underwear either :)

And, I can categorically say that it is so SO so much better now that she is kicking. I got a bit nervy there, worrying about it, but all that has stopped. She kicks fabulously and it is such fun. I find myself staying awake at night to "play" (feel) her. The Trucker has felt her quite a few times since ... although I think he is actually a bit bored with it now, haha.

So yeah, the latest scan wasn't anything very impressive. She is lying horizontally across my middle with her back/spine facing out ... hope she turns before our 4D scan at the end of January!

Her current estimated weight is a whopping (?) 914g ... apparently that puts her in the 40th percentile (or something). So yeah, from here it's mostly just packing on weight for her. Eep.

And then we made 5 gynae appointment bookings before we left o_0 It's kinda mind-boggling. We went from monthly ... now our next will be in 3 weeks, then every 2 weeks in February and every week from mid-March. Can not even begin to think how much that'll add up to o_0 $$$

And then she'll be here ... I've put in my intended maternity leave (assuming she's not too early). That was weird! Haha.

We're no closer on her name, although the giant sheet of paper on her bedroom door has quite a few ideas. We're still waiting on the shelves for the garage before we can start really clearing out her room (fingers crossed that will all come together in Feb!). We still want to meet with a Family Lawyer and update our wills. We've booked our Antenatal classes (we start in Feb). I think that's everything ... it's feeling a bit like it's really going to be a speedy downward slide from here. A little terrifying since this is such a nice phase. Haha.

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MeeA said...

Sounds like you're one of those lucky moms who just glide through pregnancy. I was also pretty lucky that way - I loved being pregnant!
Can't wait to see what she looks like!

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