Monday, March 16, 2015

35 weeks, 3 days

Shew. Every week is getting harder. I think it's a combination of early dark mornings and The Littlest One's imminent arrival. Feeling very heavy right now!

Luckily our weekends are getting quieter. We did nothing on Friday night. Home made pizzas and series on the couch for the win :) We got 2 late lazy mornings this weekend - The Trucker says he's trying to bank as much sleep as he can haha. Oh, if only we could!

On Saturday the only plans we had were to do a big shop for me and the bambino. You know, all the practical stuff ... cause I didn't get much of it at the baby shower. I've still got a work baby shower coming up and put a lot of the practical stuff for her on there. But there is so much I need for me! Hopefully I'll be able to pack my "Go Bag" this week.

First on the list was Kid's Emporium (Rivonia). I've heard the See Me Baby Sling is the best from 2 different people so when Mom offered to buy us one, that's what I chose (it's R450 at the store versus R399 on the site). While there I also took a look at the feeding tops. My problem is I mostly wear T-Shirts and have continued to thruout my pregnancy. They are, as you can imagine, less than ideal for trying to breast feed in. That or dresses (it's been summer!). And, those are even worse for breast feeding haha.

From there we went to Meoli, who were giving 10% off on presentation of an sms - what great timing! Their feeding tops were quite a bit more expensive, but I've bought a variety of styles in different colours so I can figure out what works best and which are most comfy etc.

In total, I got 5 tops in different colours and a pair of pants (the others I bought months ago will prob only fit again after the birth). So far my favourite is the Peek-a-Moo tops I got (I got 2 in different colours).

Which meant a quick trip to the Bryanston Kid's Emporium to get the 2nd one in the right size. And while there we couldn't resist popping into Sowearto - awe they have such cute stuff! Got 2 little babygrows :D

(At this point, The Trucker got a T-Shirt from Big Blue ... haha, seemed only fair ;) )

From there we headed straight to Baby City and Dischem for the rest of the necessities ... all sorts of things for me, again. But the gross stuff I'm not looking forward to: Maternity Pads, Disposable Undies, Linen Savers o_0 And some stuff for the munchkin ... cot mattress, digital thermometer, receiving/swaddling blankets (we have lots of quilts / crochet & knitted blankets but no cotton regular ones ... of course!), nail scissors and baby wipes ... you know the sort.

Shewee ... this is what 6k worth of shopping looks like when you're expecting:

In the evening we had a nice quiet dinner with friends at their house. And then on Sunday morning we stayed in bed till almost midday! I think we both needed it ...

We headed to Doppio for lunch and then got the grocery shopping done before a lazy afternoon. I also got some new pjs from Woolies (button up - at home I mostly just wear my sarong and no pjs ... which is unlikely to work in a hospital haha). We had another lazy afternoon and evening. Just what we both needed!

Oh, Saturday was pretty brilliant too ... it was  the first time we could actually feel her little heel or fist or whatever. It was very distinct and she was very active. It was incredible! While I am so looking forward to her actually being here ... I am going to miss feeling her kick inside me.

The other thing I was talking a lot about this weekend was how no one can prepare you and you'll never understand just how the whole experience changes how you view your partner ... I love and adore The Trucker. But aside from me being excited to meet our little girl, I am also completely overwhelmed with how much I can't wait to watch the two of them together. And already, hearing him talk about her and prepare for her fills me with such a sense of pride. It's hard to explain, but I have no doubt that anyone who's had a kid while in a loving relationship knows what I mean ...


Cassey said...

The love you feel when seeing your person with your kid is great, but when they take the not sleeping baby so you can sleep, even better ;)

po said...

So exciting!! You are getting so close to crunch time. I have to admit I bought breastfeeding tops but I mostly go topless around the house. Haha. Don't tell anyone. I have never breastfed in public because my Squirmy and I have had so many breastfeeding problems. He screamed for weeks when I tried to feed him. Soooo we stay home for feedings. I also cannot get him to like a carrier, much to my sadness, but I keep trying. One day he may change his mind :)

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