Wednesday, March 18, 2015

14 October: Antalya to Demre

We arrived at Antalya bus station just as the sun was rising ... just before 7am.

I had managed to get some sleep, not solidly or comfortably, but still pretty much the whole 8 hours.

We had looked online yesterday for how to make our own way from Antalya to Demre to join our Blue Cruise. Turns out, there was another bus to catch.

I assume this isn't booked in advance in case your bus to Antalya is delayed ... ours arrived 30mins after it was supposed to. But, we managed to get a ticket on the next bus to Demre, leaving almost immediately at 7:30am.

Was very glad we'd bought some pastries in Urgup before leaving yesterday!

The bus ride to Demre was another 3 hours, but on a smaller bus. It is quite a nice drive, along the coast and then thru pine forests and then along the coast again.

I did doze off for some of it, but the coastline from Cirali to Demre was stunning. Got me super excited to join our cruise. The water looks divine!

We arrived at Demre bus station just after 10h30 and headed across the road to Sabanci Pastanesi for something to eat. Cheese Borek again. Sheesh, I am over all this pastry! But, I also had a pistachio ice cream. It's already 22 degrees here.

Our collection for the cruise is only coming to the bus station at 12h30 - I presume also to alleviate any potential bus delays.

It was a bit of a surprise when a man wandered over and asked if we were waiting for the Blue Cruise and we were shown back to the cafe to join a group of about 20! But the group soon split into 2 and we left with a group of 9 SA doctors from Nelspruit, 3 Brits, 3 Canadians and the 2 of us.

It's turned out to be a fabulous group really. Everyone (except the docs) are really well traveled.

We had a quick dip when we arrived at our boat and soon headed off. We have a tiny little cabin which just fits a built in double bed and a single cupboard (behind the door) and a cute little bathroom with a loo and shower.

We sailed past the sunken city, which I found less than impressive. No swimming allowed, which was a disappointment :(

And then we stopped at a little village and walked up to a castle on the hill.

We anchored for the night in the bay next to Kas.

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