Friday, March 20, 2015


Shew. So a bit of a weird week, really.

Tuesday marked One Month till The Littlest One's expected due date. Eep.

And then on Wednesday we had our next gynae appointment ... from now on they're weekly! And my blood pressure was up. Apparently that could be an indicator of preeclampsia so I've been told to work from home as much as I can and get my blood pressure and urine (for protein) checked again today and Monday before next Wednesday's gynae appointment.

What that really means is that she could be here A LOT sooner o_0 I am hoping it was a once off anomaly and today when I get it checked it'll have all gone back to normal. I'd really like her to stay put till 38 weeks (and more importantly till I have had a few days off work to just relax and settle my mind!).

The only real plus is that The Trucker and I have always joked that we wished her birthday could be the 26 March (careful what you wish for?) because he is on the 26 February and I'm on the 26 April. Haha. It would be kinda perfect. But not enough for me to be wishing it could happen now, for real! It feels way too soon.

The other thing we'll discover at the next gynae appointment is if she has "dropped" ... she still hasn't and apparently if she hasn't by 37 weeks, she is unlikely to. Apparently neither my sister or I dropped when my mom was pregnant with us. So that'll mean natural is not an option anymore.

While I'm pretty terrified of both options, I was really hoping for natural. But, will obviously go with whatever the safest option for us both is.

So, in light of all that, I packed my hospital bag this week too ... That's actually harder than it sounds because I'm still using so much that I'm supposed to pack. And a lot is "in case you need it" items ... but still, we're now packed, with a list of "grab before we go" items on the bag too (so we don't forget in the moment!).

And then, on some advice from friends who said "go out for as many dinners as you can", The Trucker and I tried a new spot last night. Our eating out has slowed down dramatically (I'm sure you've noticed). I just don't have the energy or inclination, honestly.

But decided as any night now could be "the last" before she arrives, we decided to try The Windjammer. It's big draw is the view from the deck, but there was a private function there so we just sat inside ... looking out over the petrol station o_0 It's a pretty weird choice of venue, I'll say. But at least the food was nice. I had no idea what I was in the mood for ... I'm avoiding all Indian and Mexican cause of the heartburn / reflux. But as soon as I saw the sole on their menu, I was sold ;) Haha.

Yum. I am not a big fan of fish generally ... I only really like salmon and sole. So this was a nice treat :) The malva pudding we shared for dessert was okay. Tasted a bit orange-y (?).

Anyhoo. Tomorrow is our Maternity photo shoot so I'm pretty excited for that ... and hoping the weather is nice :) And that the bambino stays put!

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po said...

Oh gosh! I hope yuo don't get preeclampsia! Interestingly, the baby does not need to drop and often doesn't until you are in labour. But I know most doctors in SA prefer to take them out if they don't drop. Best wishes to you either way!!

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