Thursday, March 19, 2015

15 October: Kas

Struggled to get up this morning. It was darker than I expected in our tiny cabin.

After breakfast we headed into Kas for a quick visit. It's such a quaint little town. First stop was coffee. The Trucker is struggling with the instant on the boat - haha. I tried "coffee with ice cream" but it wasn't quite the sort of iced coffee I'm used to.

After that we wandered around the town a little. It really is so quaint with so many little shops and restaurants!

Haven't bought a thing yet. Honestly I'm not sure this is going to be the holiday for it ... Haven't given ourselves much time. I think I might like some of those glass tea glasses tho ... and some apple tea. But not a single idea for anyone else gift-wise. It hardly even seems worth sending postcards what with the postal strike in SA.

We stopped for a waffle with ice cream and then headed back to the boat for lunch.

After lunch The Trucker headed off with the other South Africans for some scuba diving and the rest of us left the harbour in the boat.

I snorkelled off the boat for a while and there really wasn't anything worth mentioning. The highlight was seeing an eel swimming between rocks.

A while later the others showed up on a boat and scuba-ed not too far from us (They'd had to wait an hour and a half before they even left the harbour!). Apparently they saw 2 turtles but also very little else worth mentioning. I no longer feel like I missed out - haha.

Then we headed into another protected bay for the night. We had a rousing game of 30 Seconds. I went to bed at about 10pm but barely slept because The Trucker & the others stayed up being noisy and playing drinking games for another 3 hours. Pfft. Boys o_0

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