Friday, May 18, 2007

Get Your Free Hugs Here

Another boring evening at home including a Yoga visit, dinner, a little reading in the bath with bubbles & candles for ambiance and Grey's 3. I'm cramming in these nice quiet evenings while I can ... I gather the nights during the leadership course can get rather raucous. Plus I have a serious Saturday lined up :)

Oh, and on the emotional side, here begins interesting times with Varen. He's off to Aliwal for a spot of diving this weekend. And then I'm off to the course next week with no email, blogging, facebook or Google Talk to keep me company (I hope I survive a whole week of that!). So we are all sitting on the edge of our seats (by "we" I mean: me, Varen and you lot) waiting to see how this ends up affecting our generally fragile status quo.

So, before I dash off to do some actual work to minimise the work I'll have to be doing for *another* implementation tomorrow (luckily this should be the last for quite a while!) I thought I'd leave you with some More Internet Madness.

There's this site documenting one man's campaign for free hugs: The site tells the story of how it all started at an airport in Australia, got banned by the local government and he ended up on Oprah.

Strange. Strange but interesting ... in a humanitarian kinda way. I can't say it's something I would get involved in, but I'm all for passing on the message and, to me, it's like an interesting experiment. So there ya have it.

Have a fabulous weekend :) And miss me next week!


Mike said...

You're lucky you dont live in China...

phillygirl said...

Why am I lucky? I never blog sexually explicit stories on my blog ... so I think I am safe :)

Nico van Rensburg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nico van Rensburg said...

righto lets try this again :

Implementing again ? that sounds like no fun at all. good luck tho i hope you dont get called at 3 am again..

Have a brilliant week at ***. hope you learn more than how to really party hard ;)


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