Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am the Sneakiness that Flaps in the Night

Pahahahahahahaha. So I took a moment out of my day and tracked down the insta-group on facebook - well some of them anyway. Which may not sound like any sort of laudable achievement except that I only had first names to go on ... and only knew for sure that Hammi was on.

Anyway, the point of the story is ... I found them :) And now Varen is lamenting the fact that he can't introduce me to his new friends in the normal old-school way. I politely explained that finding someone on facebook was a far cry from meeting them and he had nothing to worry about.

I'm manged to put off meeting them for a week, I'm off on Week 2 of that Leadership Training Course from Sunday till next Friday. I must be honest and say I'm nervous about it ... especially with them now knowing about me from him and my blog (!), I feel like there's all this expectation and I'm not a huge fan of situations I can't control. I mean it's all very well having people talking about you, but usually you're blissfully unaware of it ... not so much in this case.

Rumour has it that I'll meet Hammi for real at Yoga tonight, she's teaching again and has made it her mission ;) And I must say I'm too curious to skip it.

So, to meeting expectations ;) Cheers.


Ze Jeff said...

Ze-Jeff thinks you are fairly sneaky......
If Ze-Jeff had not done this all already.
But I suppose that if you have already found Hammi my secret identity is in tatters.

phillygirl said...

"fairly sneaky" is clearly the under statement of the day ;)

Great to finally "meet" you!

Ze Jeff said...

You are fairly very sneaky.
Ze-Jeff has now quit being a ninja as he is clearly inept and will return to being a facebook addict.
Nice to meet you too :)

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