Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to Civilisation

Well I'm back in the land of computers, electricity and hot water :) I spent a wonderful week at our family holiday home out past Simon's Town. Let me explain upfront that as a family we have chosen not to have electricity down there. I mean sure for many many years while growing up, it was certainly not an option (Eskom didn't have lines out that far past civilisation) but these days, it's a personal choice. It does mean you have to drive the half hour home every few days ... or make do with the sun-warmed camping shower when neccessary :)

It's a holiday experience most won't understand, the giving up of luxury items (tv, computer, instant hot water and light switches) because for most, in my experience and this is based purely on people I've exposed to this sort of holiday, they expect more luxuries while on holiday than at home. But, nothing can quite ensure your relaxation like the peace and quiet of not having the option to turn on a tv. To only really be able to read, run along the beach with the dogs or play cards (this is where The Peeb's & my card skills come from). It really is the life :)

For the first time since I left Cape Town, I am honestly wondering about the merit of returning. Anyway, we had a lovely Christmas with all Twenty Men visiting for our traditional family lunch. The rest of the time was spent attempting to snorkel - while Varen was enjoying the 26 degree bottom temperature at the Great Barrier Reef, I was donning full gear for my foray into the icy waters of the Atlantic. I kid you not, I was kit out with Daddio's old booties, wetsuit and hoodie before dipping more than my big toe in the water :) Well, until today - the weather is always perfect on the day you leave. Thanks, Murphy. I had a good old fashioned swim today with naught but my swiming costume on. The water was stilled chilly, but divine.

I've also been reading ... a lot! I'm about 6 books into the JD Robb In Death Series. Will review when I have less else to say :) Tonight the close family (Mom, Daddio, The Peeb, Button and me) went out to The Peeb's favourite sushi spot, Sake House. Although the service was seriously lacking and we had a good laugh as the waiters confered over the dishes, clearly unsure of what was meant for whom, the sushi is highly recommended. I had to experiment past my usuals from Sakura and went with their Rainbow Nation Platter. I even tried a one of The Peeb's Dragon Rolls. Not too shabby. If I were looking for sushi in Cape Town again, I'd go back :)

In other exciting news, Varen has begun his long trek home :) Oh, and I'm getting a new camera for Christmas - aren't I a lucky girl?

Holiday Status update:
1) See The Divine Miss M (x) - twice even
2) See Interviewing for a Husband (x)
3) See Jam (x)
4) Spend some time at Millers with the family (x )

All done :)

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