Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sheesh. 14h00 and it's my first foray online all day ... work's access has been down and it's affecting our external emails as well. Bloody irritating since I have nothing much else here to do but browse around online!

So, last night was action cricket again. Thankfully we won although I had a particularly shoddy game :( But we made up for it by heading over to Pianogirl & Vori's after to meet up with the Goof Troop. And it all went downhill from there ;) Somehow we ended up playing drinking games with plenty of wine till late. Luckily I didn't have too much of a hangover this morning tho :)

And in other very exciting news, it looks likely that I will be making a bigger move than just departmental. I decided after an entire month of twiddling my thumbs to see how things were looking elsewhere and JofH's company (who I almost went to work for last year) had a position opening. So tomorrow I'm off to discuss an offer and who knows, I could be working my last month here :) I'm super keen about it. JofH and I have been dancing around this possibility for ages now and for the first time it really does feel like the timing is right. So fingers crossed for that one! And in other exciting job news, Varen got an offer to go permanent at his company ... which will be fabulous and ease the burden of not working for 3 weeks while we holiday in September ... since he will be able to accrue leave like normal people.

Also this afternoon, Telkom should be coming to install our home internet line (yay!) and we will be collecting Bunny 2 a little later as well!

Things are looking up :)

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