Monday, July 07, 2008

Perfectly Relaxed

Hmmm, Monday morning with frozen fingers ... you'd think I'd be used to that by now after a weekend in the ice-cold Free State. Well, apparently not.

The weekend was perfect! We left work early (14h30 or so) raced home and packed everything (food, clothes, bunnies) and waited for the girls (J9-double0blonde and Squeak) to arrive and once they did, managed to tetris-load the car, squeezing in every last thing :)

We drove through and made it to the farm just after 7pm, but still in the dark. We got a fire going and the girls cooked a yummy Risotto. Sadly I was still not feeling all that well after our decadent night on Thursday (over did it a bit me thinks) but, I made up for my measly portion of delish Risotto by sneaking in the leftovers before breakfast on Saturday (I was up really early, okay?). We chilled in front of the fire playing Fluxx and relaxing before heading to bed.

Saturday, as I said, I was up early and reading my bed (and nibbling left-over Risotto) in bed. Then the everyone else started emerging and Varen & I got down to the business of making breakfast (Spinach, Red Pepper and Feta scrambled eggs, my favourite!) and we generally all chilled out in the sun, watching over the bunnies in their outside area (I was terrified they'd figure out how to hop over the sides and escape onto the farm!). Bell did seem to really enjoy climbing up onto the cat-box (how they travel in the car) and peering over the top of the wooden sides.

A bit later we all took a walk to see the bokkies and the sheeps (yeah, that was on purpose, I know it's not proper English) with their new little lambs (they look so funny with their spindly legs and those long pre-docked tails!). Then after a few hours of soaking up the winter sun, reading our books and watching over the buns, we moved inside (with the buns, of course!), charged up the fire and started playing a new game, Backpacker. We didn't really have lunch proper ... we rather snacked (Woolies muffins, chips and Lindt Chili chocolate!) and drank wine and chilled out.

Around 16h30 we headed outside to start up the braai and got dinner sorted. As soon as dinner was cooked, it was back to the warmth of the lounge to eat and continue with our games. Turns out Backpacker is pretty fun when you understand the rules (there was plenty of refering back for the first few games) and there are more than 2 players ;) And that was how we spent the rest of the evening. I won't even hazzard a guess at how many bottles of wine were polished off just on Saturday tho!

Sunday was just as relaxed, although the morning was far more freezing and we went straight from the comfort of our beds to the fire (newly started) in the lounge under duvets (with a brief interval for showering and breakfast - a delish fry-up by J9 & Squeak). We proceeded to read away the morning and eventually ventured outside around 12h30 to find it had turned into a lovely day (warm in the sunshine only tho!) and put the buns outside for a bit of fresh air and a run around on the grass (within the confines of their pen) and I took a stroll to see the sheeps one last time (and take soem photos, sadly I have yet to download them, so check back ;) ). At about 3pm we started the drive home. Varen seems to have got himself a little sick and was sneezing up a storm for the entire drive ... he wasn't feeling any better this morning either, I might add.

It was a perfect weekend break from Joburg and just what I needed.


boldly benny said...

Sounds like a very fabulous weekend! And I just can't get warm - I'm still wishing summer will make an early appearance!

Sweets said...

sounds like fun! it's after 12h and my fingers are still frozen... horrible!

phillygirl said...

@benny - yeah, I just keep telling myself we've past the winter equinox, the days must be getting longer ... I don't know if anyone told the sun tho ;)

@sweets - yeah, I'm wishing for those tacky gloves with no fingers while I sit at my keyboard in the mornings!

AngelConradie said...

wow, what an awesome weekend! i love the description of packing the car, very apt!

phillygirl said...

@angel - thanks! if you'd seen the car, you'd know there really was no other way to describe it ;)

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