Friday, September 05, 2008

Not-So-Blind Date

Last night was fabulous :) We had our second dinner out with our new friends (will have to come up with nicknames soon, I guess!). Went to Xai Xai in Melville for some darwa's and Chicken Trinchado ... too divine!

And again, we spent the whole night yakking away like we'd known each other forever. I did however ask for an answer to Sweets' burning question:

sweets said...why would that couple want to live in SA?? how odd :) do tell if you know!

So we all know it's not the same reason South African's head for the UK (money, money, money) but it's the same reason I was considering the UK and would even consider Australia ... travel. They had the opportunity with their jobs to experience life in another country (and it's not like they moved to Timbuktu or somewhere completely foreign where they couldn't speak the language), a place that gives them a new base of operation when planning trips and some new local sights to see. Which I think is the perfect reason to move elsewhere :)

Anyhoo, next we'll be treating them to a good old South African braai at our place :)


Sweets said...

thanks for that :)

interesting tho... yes a proper braai would be perfect!

have a great weekend!

Mr Jones said...

sigh. Sounds like you had a fun night. Well I managed to dinners - yes 2 - one with my south african model friend (well ex) and then dashed for another dinner. I am a bit rotund. Great you are getting on with them.. do I get a commission for the introduction?
(ps I think also the Mr in the equation got a very good role in SA which is a tribute to the organisation he works for... shockingly)

K.M. said...

So have you guys become all proprietorial over one another yet? hehe...

phillygirl said...

@sweets - had to get an answer for you, you asked a very interesting question, after all! (no doubt on the tips of a number of other people's tongues too!)

@mrjones - sheesh, sounds like a busy evening! A commission ... pah, how about we just show you the fabulous bits of Joburg when you're here next year :)

@dbawiw - pahahahahaha. Yeah, I think the "date" analogy is wearing a bit thin ... but until I think of nicknames, I dunno how to contextualise them other than our "blind date friends" ... so in the mean time it'll have to do :)

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