Friday, January 30, 2009

The Anti-Dinner

It's still raining. At least if it's still raining tomorrow, I can enjoy it from the comfort of my bed :) Because it's Friday!

Nothing much happened last night, just a minor hiccup in the dinner-time plans ... Was all scheduled to make Char-grilled Beef with Citrus Salad, until we started reading the recipe. The beef is supposed to be refrigerated for 3 hours or overnight with the citrus "marinade". Eep. Was a little late to be discovering that at 7pm last night. So we've now done the prep and will hopefully be enjoying that for dinner tonight instead. Last night we had to settle for (what turned out to be) delish sandwiches.

Oh, and I went to the doc yesterday (although I was feeling back to pretty-much normal) and have come away with all sorts of Homeopathic pillules and what not.


BioniKat said...

Keep the pills for next time you are feeling grot. Did you ever find out what happened to your buns?

Tamara said...

yay for FRIDAY!!!

phillygirl said...

@momcat - it's homeopathic so taking them as prescribed ;) since they're not instant-relief sorta things. Yep, got the autopsy results back the day before we got Lily.

@tamara - too true!

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