Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a Good Day!

Whoo hoo, what an amazing way to start the day ;) I found a very uplifting email in my inbox this morning from Nikolai Nolan and the 2009 Bloggies. Glad to be a Girl is (again) a finalist for Best African Weblog. Thanks to all who nominated moi :) And now the real voting begins! Please head over to the 2009 Bloggies and cast your vote before the 2nd February (that's 11 days, people!).

And now onto normal programming ;) Yesterday my traffic (un?) luck continued. As I left work and turned onto the Rivonia on-ramp, a giant "abnormal load" truck got stuck (I assume it was there doing some kind of construction-related job due to all the highway work being done at the moment ... actually it turned out to be carrying one of those digger-type vehicles) all the way across both lanes of the on-ramp. I am *not* kidding. We were stuck there (being an on-ramp there was no on-coming traffic lane to turn into and get out of there). And we were jam-packed, it being almost rush-hour and all. It eventually got out of the way, but it was enough to put me off gym (if it weren't still January, I would've gone, but I know that if you aren't there early enough these days, all the pool lanes are full!). So instead I went home, uploaded some new bunny pics for yesterday's post and played with Coal&Lily. Lily was actually even acting slightly more friendly to me.

They are the funniest buns, at about 6pm every evening, before it's even dark out, they seem to "put themselves to bed" (by that I mean they go and sit upstairs in their hutch and stop playing in the garden). Last night we brought them inside again once it was dark and they slept so nicely together in their indoor "bed" (sadly no pics cause they don't come out very well in the evening lighting). They are completely cute!

And I bet you're all wondering what was in store for dinner from my new-year-new-recipes challenge. I made Chicken & Broccoli with Oyster Sauce ... Varen declared it an 8 out of 10. I really liked it too ... but it's still 2nd to the Nam Jim Chicken ;)


boldly benny said...

Well done on the nomination!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That's awesome.

Tamara said...

Well done ;-) Again!

Louisa said...

Congratulations! :-D

Caz said...

haha I realise. Oh well.
what's your email? I'll invite you to the private blog x

phillygirl said...

@all - thanks so much guys, for the comments & the emails :) I really really appreciate it because I was expecting (and still am before the voting period is over) some animosity in the SA Blogosphere, like last year, here and here to name a few.

I know, I'm far from the best African blog in the world, far even from best South African blog, but the fact is, if you don't put yourself & your blog out there for the nominations, don't complain about the blogs that end up as finalists! I hope the SA Blogosphere will take more responsibility for itself this year. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the extra exposure and hopefully find a few new regular readers from around the world!

Unknown said...

LOL at your comment, I must agree with the whole putting yourself out there bit :)
Good luck, have voted for you already :)

Collinsom92 said...

wow, here at are rooting for you on the bloggies award, just posted the ballot

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