Thursday, January 22, 2009

Really, Who Wants To Drive?

Sigh. Double Sigh. I drove to work for over an hour this morning. My mood now reflects the weather, dark and stormy. Don't even try talking to me now. And I have a meeting later I'm dreading. Blegh.

So as you may have gathered, the traffic this morning was terrible. But the driving was nothing like I experienced on my way home from poker last night, seriously, what is up with people? It's close on 11pm, there is a very determined thunder storm darkening and drenching the roads. I'm in the middle of three lanes that (surprise surprise) all turn into three lanes on the next road. I'm in the middle, with a car on my left and right. And what does idiot lady on my right do, not turn into her lane but rather, as if she was jealous or something, she turns into my lane ?! This naturally leaves me with no where to go (car on my left too and all!). Sigh. Two robots later I see a dude behind me driving with no lights on. Hello? And that was just the driving. Let me not even begin to discuss my amazement at the state of our roads. Not potholes or any such thing this time, mind you. Last night I noticed just how useless it is to even try seeing the dividing markers between lanes when the roads are flooding. They're freaking invisible. Thank goodness I barely passed another 6 cars on my way home - obviously everyone else was smartly tucked up in bed.

Poker last night was fun. I was not on top form tho ... although I did miraculously come 3rd and manage to bring home half of my original contribution. Me thinks 2 months of no play makes one rusty.

Another (hysterical) bizarre thing I heard yesterday as I listened to my podcasts on my way to Poker was JZ doing a blurb for a BBC Documentary on George Bush. Seriously. Needless to say I was surprised.

Oh, and I remembered something else (while I'm rambling to try and recover from the start to my day) ... When I got home from poker, Varen told me I'd missed some goings on at home. Apparently Coal went from only climbing up one stair to charging all the way up the staircase and into the bedroom before Varen caught up with him. Haha. I spose he is quite a bit bigger than Bell & Henna were when they were "learning" about the stairs. And on top of that he also climbed up into our tv cabinet! Varen took some pics, so I might post some later this afternoon. How funny, I'm sorry I missed it :)

Update 16h42: Added the pics. In the first one you can see Coal flopped in the Elephant grass (looks like it's pretty much dead!) pot ... just like Henna used to lie! And in the second you can see Lily in Varen's hand just after her 2nd last Panacur dosing - she does not like it at all! Pity the lighting wasn't very good so she's either blurry or has red eyes :( This was the best of a bad bunch, but you can certainly see how tiny my little girl actually is :)


boldly benny said...

I hate crazy storm drivers - makes me dippy!

Your buns tales once again make me smile! Little cuties!

The Jackson Files said...

As someone who spent SEVEN years in too close proximity to people's armpits and ass-breath while commuting for an hour each way in the UK, all I can say to you is that your traffic woes could be SO much worse!

Unknown said...

Strange. I today posted about reporting bad driving.....

Where do you play poker? And what type of poker do you play? I quite enjoy playing online. (I have only lost a few hundred ronts so far! LOL)

Laura said...


I spent FOUR hours in it today for a freaking 90 min meeting!!!!

phillygirl said...

@benny - happy to provide a smile :)

@tjf - fair enough ... I do like the bubble-space provided by my car. But I'll be mighty annoyed if someone invades that by crashing into me stupidly!

@glugs - saw that, I think everyone had traffic woes this morning! I play Texas Hold-em poker with a group of girls once a month. It's great fun :) Have never tried online or a casino before - eep!

@laura - OMG. That is way worse, how did you not just loose it altogether?!

Anonymous said...

OMG. The bunny cuteness is too much!

Unknown said...

People seem to go out of their way to drive like maniacs in bad weather - crazy!

As for the new bunny... she is too cute, such a sweet face!

phillygirl said...

@eleanorstrousers - thanks :)

@roxanne - oh I know, storms seem to make people forget everything they know about how to drive! Lily is adorable :)

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