Saturday, January 03, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Righto, so where'd I leave off? New Years Eve.

We had Squeak & J9-double0blonde over for dinner and board games ... we tried out the new Anti-Monopoly and let me just say the Monopolists won convincingly (me & J9). The evening turned out to be great fun, plenty of champers was drunk by all (4 & a half bottles by the break of 2009) and we toasted Squeak's 25th birthday just after the stroke of midnight.

They ended up staying over in our spare room and we had breakfast here the next morning. Hope y'all had fun celebrating too. Varen & I didn't do anything for the rest of the day. Just sat and vegged in front of the TV - thank goodness for series! As you can see below, the bunnies have been as lazy as we were :) Love it when they're all stretched out together.

Then on Friday, Varen finally had a day off so we got busy with the house-type stuff. We made pretty good progress ... although there are still mounds of things to be done (nothing on my list really got done ... except I did buy the mirror and supawood for my mosaic project, a good start I think). I don't think we did anything much on Friday either. Being handy is tiring work :)

On Saturday we got up at a decent hour so that we could take Coaley-boy to the vet to get him checked out ... after my friend's bunny gave birth to 6 babies and now she's wondering if one of the other girls might be pregnant too (she has 4, not counting the new babes, and one is *clearly* a boy), I'm taking no chances. We need to know when to schedule him for the snip. I noticed Bell hadn't come out of her hutch so Varen picked her up and we realised something was just not right with her. She was almost limp as he held her. She didn't "grip" on as they normally do. When we put her on the ground she sort of slid forward and didn't look all that stable. We took her along for the ride too, just in case.

She hasn't come home yet ... she's stayed at the vet for overnight observation. The vet said something was definitely not right but he checked her heart, lungs and other internal organs which are all fine (apparently when they're not moving around like they usually do, you can feel everything inside them). He even checked her temperature with a thermometer up her rear (and she didn't flinch, she definitely was not well!) and that was fine too. So he gave her another anti-inflammatory, some de-worming drops (which he gave Coal too, just in case, and boy did he not like the taste of that!) and an anti-biotic.

We're hoping that it was either something she ate or worms/some weird parasite thingy cause then she should be fine by tomorrow and we can go fetch her! They're gonna call us ... I'm really a little worried now that it's night time. Funny how you can manage anything in daylight but as soon as it gets dark, that knot in the pit of your tummy starts turning. Sigh. She'll be fine. She has to be.

So yeah, not an ideal start to the day. But Coal is fine. Not ready for the snip yet so we have to take him for another check in about 2-3 weeks (waiting for those balls to drop!).

At least I got started on my mosaic mirror project today tho. It's not going to be super creative or mad ... it's for a bathroom, currently a pretty dark loo under the stairs so I've gone with light neutral colours. So far I'm pretty happy :) And it requires no tile-nipping which, as far as I'm concerned, is fantastic news ... do you know how sore your hands get from nipping tiles?!

Anyhoo, we didn't do much else for the afternoon, but we did hit Ocean Basket for dinner this evening (I was craving their Platter for 2 - yum!) and then went to see Yes Man (a Varen movie-pick).

Jim Carrey stars as Carl Allen, a guy whose life is going nowhere—the operative word being “no”—until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say yes to everything…and anything. Unleashing the power of “yes” begins to transform Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance. But his willingness to embrace every opportunity might just become too much of a good thing.

It was not a great movie. I laughed occasionally, not as much as some of the people sitting around us, but I think they were either drunk or under 18 ... they were on that level of silliness. It's a cool concept, say yes to everything. But clearly not practical. And that's why Jim Carrey is cast in this ... I guess it could've just as easily been that other guy, what's his name? Ah yes, Steve Carell. they both play pretty much the same type of roles anyway, don't they?

So I guess 2009 hasn't been all that good so far or rather not all that much of anything yet, although I am pleased with my mirror-progress. And I'm sure it'll all start looking a lot rosier once Bella-girl is home with us.

In other exciting news, Varen & I have plans for 2009/2010 (yes, they'll take more than just one year). I'm not going to say anything much yet, but it involves our next big holiday and a move to Cape Town. I'm so looking forward to getting started on the planning portion of this and desperately hoping it'll be a real possibility and not just a dream. Finger's crossed people. Here's to 2009 ... (and getting Bell home again, safely).


Unknown said...

Wow that's big!! The move that is!
I got offered a rabbit today, and after reading this post, I'm glad I said no... it was a tentative no, but still. You just reminded me why pets are a lot of work.

phillygirl said...

@jenty - finger's crossed I'll get to move back home some time ... but for now I'm guarding getting too excited about it. A lot has to come together to make it a reality :)

And on the bunny ... they're lovely little things :) As any pet would be, I'm sure. And in almost 11 months, this is really the only bizarro thing we've experienced ... don't let it deter you ;) The problem is you get so attached to the darn cute little things that when something like this does happen it's just heart breaking. But she'll be fine. I need her to be fine.

Louisa said...

Shame man, I really hope she's all better tomorrow.

Laura said...

Sounds like your New Year was fun :)

Hope Bell is ok!!

The move does sound exciting - hoping it all works out!

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