Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unplanned Holiday

So, I have just realised I broke a cardinal rule of mine ... I am on leave and still in Joburg. Usually that *never* happens - unless I'm taking a mental health day (which I don't get to do any more now that people I work with read my blog!). Anyhoo, I gues I'm forgiven cause this was not planned leave at all. Although today and Friday are. But I was still sorta hoping Varen & I would be heading to the farm again, but alas is not to be. He couldn't get today off and we figured waking up at 5am (to get to work by 6, to leave by 3pm) and a 3 hour drive would not be helpful when trying to stay up late to see in the New Year.

Although in the last 2 years it has become a bit of a tradition for us to spend New Years on the farm. This year we are doing something different. But more on that later.

Yesterday I went plant shopping :) It was awesome! As I mentioned, I got a garden shelf from Varen's folks for Xmas (I pretty much picked it out while Varen & I were shopping tho) and I got some money to fill the shelves too. So off I went yesterday and jees did I buy loads :) Lifestyle Garden Center either had a sale on or is generally damn cheap. My shelves are filled to overflowing for only R350 :)

I re-potted the stuff I already had growing for the bunnies too (which is why the Spinach on the top shelf looks so wilted ... but it is back to perky this morning!) As you can sort of see, we've still had to keep this fenced, although the buns can only reach the bottom shelf. I thought I had a brilliant plan (I put a rose and some cactus / succulents on the bottom shelf thinking they wouldn't eat them ... I was wrong, although they've only mostly attacked the rose so far). Anyway, I am thrilled with how it's looking :) I finally have some colour and have such a variety: veggies / herbs for the bunnies (Spinach, brussel sprouts & mint from before, red and green basil, green pepper, black pearl chilies and normal chilies), flowers for colour and some cactus / succulents. I love my new garden :)

I also finally got some pictures printed for some frames that have been empty since my birthday (April!). Don't you just love the bunny-frame my mom got me? Finally I have a good pic of all 3 to put in there.

See, my unscheduled holiday has not gone to waste ;) Yesterday evening Varen & I went to grab a quick bite at CTFM before going to watch Australia (part of the reason we're not going to the farm later!).

Australia is an epic and romantic action-adventure, set in that country on the explosive brink of World War II. In it, an English aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) travels to the faraway continent, where she meets a rough-hewn local (Hugh Jackman) and reluctantly agrees to join forces with him to save the land she inherited. Together, they embark upon a transforming journey across hundreds of miles of the world’s most beautiful yet unforgiving terrain, only to face the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese forces that attacked Pearl Harbour. A cinematic experience that brings together romance, drama, adventure and spectacle.

It was okay - aside from Nicole's annoying British accent. Oh, and the fact that you get 2 movies for the price of one ... just when you think it must be ending, they start up again. Let me tell you, it is a damn long movie! But otherwise, yeah, fine. At least Hugh Jackman is looking good again (generally I only like him as Wolverine, dunno why but he seems to lose all appeal when playing real people ... perhaps it was just Kate & Leopold :P)

Anyhoo, so we got home wa-ay later than we were expecting, which meant our super-duper early start was unlikely at best. And if we didn't get that Varen couldn't leave work at 3pm and if, if, if ... you see, we werethwarted by a series of events. So we have decided to stay home & get started on the long list of things that need doing around the house. Here is a list of some of the stuff, I can't think of the rest right now, but there is more (because I know you are all very interested ... ):
(Note, some are for Varen and some are for me)

1. Varen: Hang my newly photo-ed frame upstairs

2. Varen: Hang my solar powered light above the fish pond

3. Me: Buy supplies to finally make mosaic mirror for downstairs loo (I'm hoping to get started on this today as well)

See, the list is long and generally we don't get round to these sorts of things on weekends. So now is the perfect opportunity. Righto, so I best be off to get started ... plus I have to get some food for this eve. I'm making dinner for us & a few friends who are coming over to play board games to see in the New Year. Have I ever told you that I hate New Years? I do, I prefer not to go to some huge party with masses of people. Ideally I'd ignore it completely ... but generally I, at least, stay up long enough to see in the New Year.

So, yeah ... thanks for reading in 2008. Hope it's been a good year for all of you. I think it has for me ... ? Be safe this evening and I'll see you all in 2009. Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year Phillygirl! Here's to a fantastic 2009!

BTW, I am IN LOVE with your garden shelf! IN LOVE! I want! :)

Unknown said...

Hope you had a good evening :)
Love the plant thing! My favourite place is Lifestyle, and LOL we were also there yesterday morning.

phillygirl said...

@jane - thanks :) Find the shelf at Builder's Warehouse. There is a 5-shelf version which I thought I wanted at first ... till I realised that the shelves are just packed much closer together ... and I struggled to get some plants onto these shelves as it is!

@jenty - I did, thanks :) Yes, definitely loving the Lifestyle centre ... haven't been there much before, but I have a sneaky suspicion it will become a more regular garden spot for me now ;)

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