Friday, February 20, 2009

Early Bird

I had to write a cheque yesterday (to renew my car license). But first, I had to go hunting for my cheque book. Seriously. I haven't used it since June04. Yesterday's cheque was my ninth. Which got me thinking about kids these days ... who will teach them to write a cheque and do you even get cheque books anymore? I remember growing up, a cheque book was a standard item in my mom's overflowing handbag. I think it might've even been in mine when I first got it (probably sometime in 2003). But these days I didn't even know where the damn thing was. What a ridiculous requirement by a government (assume it's them :P) department. Seriously, a cheque.

Anyhoo. Yesterday I went to gym and went home to make dinner for three, J9-double0blonde came over for dinner. I made Greek-style stuffed pork fillets. Basically, pork fillets stuffed with goats-cheese and sundried tomatos wrapped in parma ham. They came out pretty great (looking) but Varen did not appreciate the taste one bit (so I guess it won't be getting a repeat performance). I don't think it was too bad tho.

Was cool to see J9 again, it's been a while and we all chatted the night away with 2 bottles of wine. Yet still for some reason this morning I was up super early and in at work at 06h30 - we're headed to the Farm this weekend (it'll be Lily's first visit) so wanna leave work half an hour early so worked out great!

But since I left home at 6am, I figured I'd try the highway (it's usually too chaotic by 6:30 when I normally leave). And still, it was 3 lanes of traffic. At 6am in the morning. What the hell. Now I'm more convinced than ever that a mere single extra lane will not be sufficient ... and even less so by the time it's actually complete (2011, what!).


BioniKat said...

Did you ever get the result back from the vet for the buns. It wasn't maybe something they picked up from the soil at the farm? I know Parvo that dogs catch can stay dormant in soil so maybe some other bacteria which affect buns also can. Just had a warning bell go off - be careful.

po said...

I have a feeling that cheques will dispappear soon. We learned how to do them at school but I doubt the next generation will!

boldly benny said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend away!

phillygirl said...

@momcat - I appreciate your comments, I really do ... but seriously, this is the third time you've asked the same question about Henna's autopsy results and I've answered you every time.

I am a little concerned about the "farm factor", which is why Coal & Lily will start a full 5-day course of Panacur this afternoon before we leave.

@po - I sure hope so!

Tamara said...

I have to post SARS a cancelled cheque for my closed corporation to register for taxes. I have no idea where my cheque book is either!

I think it was a lot easier to pay by cheque back in the day than it is now - stores don't accept them unless bank guaranteed. Plus, we have debit and credit cards.

I kinda liked the thought of getting a cheque book - made me feel all grown up. And I have never ever used it until now.

AngelConradie said...

i have no idea when last i use dmy chequebook, and i also find it ridiculous that government departments still insist on them!

phillygirl said...

@tamara - yep, I remember also thinking how grown up I was when I got my cheque book - haha, how times have changed :)

@angel - I'm sure the government will catch up with it's usual speed :P

Anonymous said...

tamara SARS will also accept an original bank statement :) I have NO clue where my cheque book is either!!

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