Monday, March 09, 2009

Busy Weekend in The Cape

And I'm back. Yep, a weekend is a very short amount of time to be "on holiday". But it was good, just what I needed for a bit of a recharge :)

Flew in on Friday night and didn't really do anything other than catch up with Mom at home. I will say tho that I was super impressed at the airport - they now have self-check-in for SAA (and BA & Mango, I think). What a superb idea (and why didn't they implement it sooner!). There were none of those usually long queues, snaking around the entire airport leading towards the check-in counter ... and on the Argus weekend (bad planning on my part!). Definitely a huge step in the right direction, thanks ACSA (or whoever is responsible) :) But I did bump into some friends of Bean's who were on the same flight down as me. A little weird, since I haven't spoken to them since before he & I broke up. Anyhooo ...

Saturday turned out to be quite busy. Went for a drive with mom & the dogs to Millers to see the changes and for a quick visit to the sea. We did attempt to swim (Mom actually managed) but it was way too cold for moi! Saw some baboons too (yes, those are the stairs to our holiday house & mom's car in the background ... I took the pic thru the kitchen window - it's a fairly regular occurence down there so don't be too alarmed).

Then it was off to the Mugg&Bean in Constantia to catch up with Jam. Which was fabulous :) So nice to see her again ... but I had to cut it short and drive off to Tableview area to visit The Bunny Farmer. Now that was just great :) She & I haven't seen each other since high school (probably when I was in Std 7/Grade 9 and she was in Std 9/Grade 11) and you would not have been able to tell :) We chatted and caught up like nothing had changed. Not much has ... aside from the fact that we're both no longer in school, I live in Joburg and she has a 3year old daughter :) And the bunnies were so darling. They're not as cute as my two (as if they could be), and not as domesticated (they're trying not to get attached to the babies). But so cute none the less, especially Flash, one of the babies who is orange with a white blaze on his face. Got to see the 2 week old litter too ... tiny! Am now quite excited to see our possible new addition this weekend (got photo's this morning ... not looking very siamese-y yet, eep!).

I left late and rushed home to head off to dinner out with Mom, Marga, The Peeb and Button. We tried The Royal Kitchen in Kloof Street. I'm generally not a huge fan of Chinese food, per se ... I was hoping we'd go to Haiku for dinner, personally. But this was fine enough. I definitely think Button had the best main, Sweet & Sour chicken - but way better than what I expected it to be! I had their Curry Chicken which was okay ... but no vegetables :( It was a bit like chicken in an almost green curry sauce with onion. That's it. The dessert, however, was delish. I had Toffee Sweet Potato, which was awesome! Luckily everyone shared it with me tho cause I think it would've been a bit much for one person one their own to finish.

It was quite a non-stop day! On Sunday, the family came over for brunch. And even Bandi came which was cool & unexpected! It was a long morning of much delish food and I ate way too much (as I always do when home on holiday). Nice to see everyone! And then I flew home. Luckily Cape Town International also has those self-check-in kiosks (although far fewer and I didn't notice them initially) because the queue to check-in for SAA was a mile long! Luckily someone came round asking and pointing in the direction of the kiosks because I was out of the line and thru security a few minutes later :) Much better!

The flights there & back were fine. They had enlisted the help of the giant planes (you kow, the ones with two aisles & 4 seats in the middle ... I assume especially for Argus weekend?). I did happen to sit next to a huge guy on the flight down who overflowed into my seat ... not ideal flying conditions :( The food was average. It was better on the flight there than the flight home. But I got a lot of reading done!

Oh, and the weather wasn't too bad. Pretty warm, but I didn't swim at all - aside from dipping my toes in at the sea ;) And Sunday was quite a bit cooler with some serious wind (how typical!). And now I'm home and life continues as normal. Was great to see Varen, Coal & Lily again yesterday evening tho :) I missed 'em.


boldly benny said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Hope your ease back into Jozi living isn't too tough!

Louisa said...

Did you read on the plane? I can never seem to keep myself awake for more than 2 minutes after take-off.

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Nicole said...

Glad you had a good time! :)

What caught my eye though was that you're reading Twilight. Can't wait to read your review.

AngelConradie said...

sheesh, you really were busy! it sounds fantastic!!!

phillygirl said...

@benny - it really was :)

@louisa - yep, I HAVE to read on the plane (unless there are movies showing!) Boy do I envy people who manage to sleep. I can only do that on flights longer than 5 hours or so that only leave ORT at close to midnight. Otherwise I'm up and awake ... reading my book :) Is a good spot to get reading done!

@nicole - (what happened to sleepyjane?) Yep, so far am *loving* twilight ... speeding thru it.

@angel - I was pretty busy (hence the boring week last week in preparation ;) ) but it was just what I needed to reconnect with myself & some really good friends!

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