Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water or Electricity?

Nothing exciting to report. You'll notice I did finally download some weekend pics and upload them (see yesterday's post). But it was very hard to choose what to post and to find enough space :)

This morning I'm not in an ideal mood. We'll be working a bit late this week trying to get a project finished while half the office is on leave. Okay, so I only worked an extra hour yesterday, but it takes up time I would've gone to gym. Instead I went home to let the boons have some time outside in the sunshine (harder now that it's getting darker earlier everyday!) and download my photos.

Yesterday morning we woke up to no water ... I discovered this only once in the shower with no water pressure :P Varen went downstairs to check if someone had turned the tap off overnight - I seriously think these things should be locked away because I've had that happen before and it is ANNOYING). Tap seemed fine, but we were out of water and I was barely wet - luckily I'd bathed the night before. When I left for work yesterday, I saw streams of water flowing down thru the parking area and assumed it was something similar to what happened last year. I realised as I left our complex that it was not ... just on the other side of the booms, the tar had actually lifted up to let the water out from underneath. Something must've burst. And it's not inside the complex ... so who knows how long it'll take to fix it :(

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon, they said the body corporate would switch the water back on between 17h30 & 20h00 and this morning between 6 & 8am. Needless to say our taps are still dry and Varen & I headed off to use the gym's facilities this morning. I can't help but wonder how many women were wondering what was up when I didn't bother with gym but headed straight for the showers after arriving!

An interesting question Varen asked me was "If you could only have either Electricity or Water, which would you choose?". Mine is water, definitely water ... you can use candles and gas for light and cooking. Let's not forget that without water, little things you take for granted like flushing the loo, brushing your teeth and giving your animals a drink become impossible ... we've bought a 5litre of water to hopefully get us thru for now. Which would you choose?


Anonymous said...

I'd also choose water.

It's horrible not being able to drink anything or not bath, even if it is with cold water.

boldly benny said...

That was my favourite question when we had the scheduled black outs last year. My answer is always water - I freak out and get panicky when I don't have water.
Your water cut could be part of Johannesburg Water's scheduled cuts? Although they are supposedly only doing cuts for 12 hours at a time?!

AngelConradie said...

I’m with you, I’d rather have water than electricity if I have to choose. I used to love showering at the gym. I only had a bath at home so I made the most of it.

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