Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Winners and Swirling Thoughts

So first thing this morning I did the draw for those Taste of Joburg tickets :) I wrote down everyone's name, in the order the commented and assigned them a number (in the order they commented). And picked these numbers:

5. Tamara
4. Clea
8. thenocturnalwench
2. Svetlana

Congrats to the 4 of you :) And thank you to everyone else for entering ... and to Tribeca PR for providing the tickets. Could each of you please send me an email (mail gladtobeagirl [at] gmail) and Tribeca PR will be in touch with how to claim your prizes :)

Other things that are not nearly as uplifting but have been swirling around my head are:

  • Why does our maid think Varen is the only person in the house who owns or wears socks? Even my pink & white gym socks end up in his cupboard :P
  • My world has gone very quiet, as much by choice as by circumstance. There have been days in the last 2 weeks where I haven't had a verbal conversation with a single soul outside of work.
  • I wish I was looking forward to Zanzibar. It sounds ridiculous, I have a week long gorgeous sandy beach, blue sea holiday coming up (in the next 2 days !!) and I just can't get excited about it. I know I should be, but I think it's because of the next point ...
  • I feel empty and hollow and alone. I'm struggling to get excited by anything (see point 3) and I can't seem to pull myself out of this.
  • To highlight just how sad and mundane my life has become let me explain that my bunnies, Farmville and a bath with my book are all that get me thru the evenings currently.
Those are the things in my head at the moment ... it's not a fun place to be :(


Tamara said...

OMW!!! That's so cool - I won something! And not just anything (the last thing I won was a very random set of paring knives), but tickets to TASTE!!!

Woo hoo!

Thank you, Phillygirl.

On the other side, sorry to hear you're feeling so empty. That's a horrible space to be. Perhaps, even if you're not excited about it yet, the Zanzibar trip will soothe your soul when you arrive and rejuvenate you.

Sending all my happees your way.

Anonymous said...

Being in a slump is so not a nice place to be, being in a bit of one myself. I always feel down before something big is about to happen but enjoy it once it starts, you going to have a great time in Zanzibar!

I love your blog, Im so glad I am not the only grown girl with rabbits for babys :) Do you worry about your rabbits when you go on a trip? Im flying to Joburg tonight for the weekend and I am so unhappy about leaving my girl :(

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