Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Carnival Master by Craig Russell

The Cologne police know a woman is going to die. They know the day it will happen. And they're powerless to stop it. They call on an outside expert: Jan Fabel, head of Hamburg's Murder Squad and Germany's leading authority on serial killers. Fabel is on the point of leaving the police for good, but Carnival in Cologne is a time when the world goes crazy, and he is drawn into the hunt for the Carnival Cannibal. What he doesn't know is that he is on a collision course with a crack special forces unit from Ukraine and a disturbed colleague with a score to settle. Fabel finds himself on a trail of betrayal and vengeance, violence and death. And once more he faces his greatest enemy. The true Master of the Carnival.

I can't quite decide if I like Craig Russell's books or not ... I've read quite a few of them now. Honestly I think the only thing I don't like (and really really can't explain because it seems completely unreasonable of my brain!) is the fact that they are set in Europe. I had a similar experience with another book that had been translated, The Beast.

Aside from that weird factor that I'm sure is just in my head, I quite enjoyed the story generally. I liked that thruout the story they throw in snippets of people's lives and you end up completely unsure of whodunnit. Unusual, really.

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