Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend 37 of 52

Sho, I feel like I have so much to say this morning that I really better get cracking. Plus I have a new computer set-up to figure out, which hopefully will not impinge too much on my work day ... but more on that a little later.

Friday night was an absolute blast :) After our last visit to Arkwife's, we started planning dinner at Die Boomhuisie in Krugersdorp (sadly cannot find their website :( ). And although, sadly, Blompot Lettuce couldn't join us, we had a fantastic group of myself & Varen, Arkwife, Arkhubby & Arkbaby (the cutest most well-behaved little thing!!), Doodles & TSC and Louisa (& squishy). Boomhuisie was so awesome, I absolutely loved the place and their funky decor. (Side note: Boomhuisie is apparently also owned by the folks who own Gastehuisie, which we stayed at in January). We has a lovely evening and laughed till we cried and eventually left because we were the only ones still there! Luckily we had a whole room to ourselves because I think we probably would've disturbed other diners with our hysterics ;) I had such a lovely time.

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Saturday was pretty uneventful until the afternoon when Varen & I decided to head into my office and sort out my work machine. To put this crazy weekend-activity into perspective, let me just say that I had 3 Operating Systems installed previously :P I know! And I had a new screen that I couldn't use until I upgraded my version of Ubuntu (I was still on Hardy Heron to those that means anything to). And formatting a hard drive has always filled me with dread ... I'm convinced I'll forget to backup something I need. Which Varen & I did anyway ... I last my entire mail folder and a few other bits & bobs I can replace. I can tell you that this morning I am pleased as punch use both my screens and enjoying a clean machine with only what I actually require installed (all the latest version too!). Okay so that took a *large* portion of Saturday ...

In the evening we got a dvd and I made us some delish stuffed butternut. This detox thing is going pretty well ... well aside from Friday night when I did actually have meat (again!) but only had one vodka, lime & water and no dessert! Well, one little spoon of Varen's giant fudge cake (he completely misbehaved food-wise on Friday ;) ). We watched Underworld: Rise of the Lychees.

Okay, so it's *actually* Rise of the Lycans, but I got the Lychee bit from Mark Kermode (naturally), and I giggle every time because it makes me think of some 70s B-grade movie like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I enjoyed the movie. It's nothing spectacular, but it's mindless fun. It was just what we needed after an afternoon spent installing software ;)

On Sunday we had our dive refresher at Scuba Centre in Brightwater Commons. I was quite nervous since I haven't worn my wetsuit since February 2007. Yes, that's right, it's the outfit that was worrying me, not the underwater bit ;) It was super duper tight, and I won't be wearing it again on purpose (or till I lose a few kilos), but it served it's purpose and aside from a few hiccups (they lost our booking but we very accomodating!). The refresher was good, and I'm especially glad we did it because I sure as hell don't want any problems in Zanzibar where we'll be paying in USD. Yes folks, it's under a week till we'll be enjoying the white beaches and blue seas ;) Can't wait!

Later in the afternoon we popped round the @jarredcinman & YogaCherryl's new house. Wow. Can I just say, wow. It's really really lovely, they've done very nicely for themselves and I am completely jealous, I long to get to that "house" stage of my life ... yes, yes, Varen owns the place we live in now, but me, I want a house. I want a house I can make my own, I want a house that doesn't share a wall with it's neighbours. Sigh. This is a big craving of mine.

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And that was the weekend.


Louisa said...

I really had a fantastic time on Friday! Can't remember when last I laughed so much.

I thought wetsuits were supposed to sit super tight?

Tamara said...

Thanks again for Friday - I don't think I've laughed so much in years ;-)

I totally didn't get a word of that sortin-out-your-work-machine bit, but I'm glad you're enjoying it today.

I'm getting excited for you for Zanzibar! And a wee bit jealous, I must admit.

Unknown said...

Am still miffed that i couldn't join:( Lover the new nickname :P

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