Monday, December 07, 2009

Another Awesome Weekend

Wowee, that was quite the weekend. Odd how as we wind down to holidays the weekends get crazier ... everyone trying to see each other before they all head their separate ways to spend time with family, I guess?

So the weekend started out far better than I expected. I was all set to spend a quiet Friday night at home, alone while Varen played Action Soccer. Some online time for me, a little dinner and some series. A perfect Friday evening in my opinion, you gotta spend some time winding down from the week and I find Friday evenings are best for that :)

And then at around 6pm DJMike called to ask what I was doing because he had a ticket for The Killers going to waste (a good friend of ours who landed back from 2 years in the States on Wednesday had been sick in bed since he arrived and couldn't go). Sure, who wouldn't say YES to that?

So he swung by to pick me up about an hour later and we headed thru to The Dome. As a giant thunderstorm arrived. Luckily the really dreadful rain had stopped by the time we'd parked and had to make our way across the completely open bridge (who's bright idea was that one?). Wow, were the queues to get any drinks insane (I think I have been tainted by the Avril Lavigne concert where there were too many people under age to be drinking so the queues were blissful :) ) but we stood and stood and eventually made it to the front.

By that time Zebra & Giraffe was about half way thru. Can't really say I was that interested in them, I don't really know any of their songs and I don't think a concert is the best place to hear them for the first time cause usually you can't quite hear the lyrics over the music. The tone was set for the evening.

(This is where I prepare for everyone reading to disagree with me)
I know, I know, everyone else has been raving about The Killers. But I'll warn you upfront, right now, I thought it was pretty "meh" and I'm pretty damn glad I didn't spend R400+ on a ticket for general admission. I'll partly take the blame for my opinion tho, I don't really know a single Killers song (aside from Human) since their Hot Fuss album (which I loved!). So to be fair not knowing half the songs does make for a duller-than-otherwise concert going experience. I also didn't think the lighting was that impressive. I mean it was mostly great (especially the fireworks and the ribbons or whatever they sprayed across the audience was, not really lighting tho I guess), but often the lead singer was a silhouette on the They coulda done better with that, I thought.

And, I still maintain (which was my upfront guess) that they should've encored with "I've Got Soul". Which they didn't. It was, for me, the *best* song of the night, and that was thoroughly worth it :)

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On Saturday we made an attempt at Christmas shopping, but really all I ended up with was a birthday present for J9. We discovered a fab new (probably not that new, but new for us) spot in Melville called Bamboo ... must definitely try there for breakfast one weekend!

And then we relaxed till some folks from work came over for a rather raucous evening of Board Games and Col'Cacchio pizza. Was fabulous and I think everyone only ended up leaving close to 2am.

On Sunday we headed off to Roots for J9's birthday lunch. I honestly think it was the best meal I've had there and I have been quite a few times! The weather was also perfect. Reminds me why I love the place :)


Louisa said...

I'm totally with you on the killers in general...I wasn't at the concert though. Sparrow got offered some free tickets (twice!)but we both decided not to go since we don't actually like them.

boldly benny said...

I loved the concert, sorry it was such a quick hi when I saw you but MM was on a mission to get into golden circle. I have been to concerts where I don't know that much of the music and it hasn't been my best, but we had loads of fun on Friday.

Bamboo has been around for a while and is so fab. Great shops and I LOVE Service Station and Wine Sense - give them both a try, I think you'll like!

Tamara said...

Busy! And you're so right - the weekends in Dec are packed. It's exhausting! I still need to try Roots. Always sounds so great.

AngelConradie said...

Its not lekker to go to a live concert and not enjoy it completely.

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