Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Progress Report

You'll never believe it ... yesterday Telkom actually called me prior to arriving at my house and told me what time they'd meet me there! Okay so I had to skip the only meeting I had yesterday to be there, but after an hour (yes, it took that long!), I have a phone line. No phone, mind you ... apparently you're supposed to request one when you place the order (you think that's a question they would've bothered to ask a customer, but anyway). But I don't really need the phone ... I need the internet! Which of course I couldn't even get started on yesterday. According to Telkom's call-center, my order is still marked as "pending" so I have to wait for it to be updated to "installed" or whatever before I can request an upgrade to the dsl line. Oh well, I guess that gives me plenty of time to figure out what on earth I need to purchase (wireless router? anything else?) and how to set it up (on linux nogal :P) before it arrives, streaming down my phone line.

But that was merely the cherry for the day, not everything else went as swimmingly. The Useless Estate Agent, from Renprop (don't use them, I won't ever again!), did not bother to return my call from Sunday so I called her again. Let's keep in mind now that it's been two full weeks since I first saw the place and just a little less than that since I expressed my serious desire to buy it, on condition I could see the actual unit first. To cut a long story short, I had to call her twice again yesterday, she didn't bother to email me as she'd specifically said she would and then the 2nd conversation ended rather smartly after she confirmed that the developer had decided to take the unit I wanted to buy off the market. It'd almsot be funny if she weren't so freaking useless and if it hadn't happened to me last time I was ready to buy a place :P

And naturally there's also no news about my dining-room table :( I'll phone again tomorrow.

But there are good things afoot :) Well, things that feel like good things (no, none are boy-related ... that department has gone very quiet lately), you can never really tell if things are going to actually turn out to be good or not, you just have to go on your initial gut-feel and accept that sometimes you might be wrong, but that those decisions may still lead you to the real good thing ;) Cryptic, no?

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Tarryn said...

urgh, i know, telkom stinks. we had massive problems getting our's up and running. good luck to you!

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