Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter

Shoo, that long weekend felt like a decent holiday. Somehow 4 days off felt so much longer than the 3 day weekend we had when Mom was up visiting. I'd suggest that all weekends should be 4-days long, but then I know I'd spend far more than I should and I'd never remember what I was busy with at work by the time I got back ;) Perhaps one 4-day weekend a month, as a nice compromise ... ?

Anyway so what did I keep myself busy with? Well it's going to sound insanely busy (as usual), but I can assure you I also spent plenty of time in my pjs lazing in bed watching Series ... this weekend certainly had the perfect weather for it!

On Thursday evening I headed off to Giles to have an after-work drink with Loulou, J9 and Bert. Some very nice eye-candy, but apparently I left before things got very interesting ;) I went to Cranks to have dinner with The Divine Miss M, who was up visiting from Cape Town for the long weekend, and her friend Shivs. Awesome to catch up and delish Thai food, as always :)

Then I had a very lazy rainy morning on Friday. Until around midday when The Divine Miss M, Shivs and I went to Yamada for a sushi lunch (had to take Miss M to my favourite sushi spot of the moment!). then they came back to my place and we hung out chatting for most of the afternoon. When they left at 4pm it was straight back into the pjs for me and back into bed. I was determined to make the most of that feeling you get when you usually have to work and it's the perfect day to stay in bed ... so for a change, I stayed in bed and relished every second of the rainy gray weather :)

On Saturday I met up with Doodles, Louisa & Squishy and Angel & Glugster at Kitchen Bar for breakfast. Was awesome to catch-up with everyone and most especially to see Squishy again ;) And the breakfast (I had Eggs Florentine) was pretty yummy too. After that I had a browse around The Design Quarter (as if I haven't been there enough lately in the hunt for chairs!) and then decided to visit Greenstone Mall (I know, I'm weird like that ... they are miles away from each other but sometimes I feel the need to go visit a different mall just to see if there is anything interesting to see there, there usually isn't).

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Later on Saturday I headed off to the Southern Sun at Hyde Park for sundowners on their lovely Pool Deck with Me and Mr Jones who was out from the UK. It was awesome to catch up with them and my Blind Date friends who I hadn't seen in absolute ages! And the venue is stunning, will definitely be going back there for a sun-downer sometime.

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After that I popped home to change and then met up with the SCM Dinner crowd at The Red Room. Was quite fun, but I was feeling very under-tattoo-ed for the place, haha!

On Sunday I started to plan my 30th. Sheesh it feels kinda weird typing that and it was certainly weird realising how close it is! I have decided that instead of doing one bog party where everyone is likely to end up grouping themselves with the people they know anyway, I'm going to be doing smaller sit-down dinners with different groups. Gives me a chance to break-in my nice new dining-room table too ;) And at least I will get a chance to spend time with everyone. Really I'd probably be doing the dinners anyway, but the 30th just gives me a good excuse for it.

And then I went to meet PerfectOnPaper for lunch at Cafe Sofia. Was nice to finally see him (we've been trying to find time that suits us both since Feb!) and catch-up again ... it's been over a year! We had a long lazy lunch, drinking sangria and eating tapas, seriously I nearly fell asleep on those couches (in a good, lazy Sunday sorta way!).

After that I met up with Loulou and we went to watch Shutter Island. I don't know if I enjoyed it or not ... I can see what t hey were trying to do, but I don't quite know if they got it right. It was very "I see dead people" in my opinion. And I did wonder if they were going to turn things right-around again at the very end ... but they didn't.

Monday was another lazy day ... aside from cleaning the bunny hutch. After which I cleaned up and got back into bed as t he rain started (perfectly timed, if you ask me!). I only got up again much later to go grab some late-lunch-early-dinner with CollegeInstructor, Miss B and her new boyf at Ghazal's. Yum yum (although I'm almost sure their in-restaurant portions are smaller than their take-aways!). After that I went to the Jolly for a last drink with Miss M and then headed home.

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It was definitely a good long weekend. A perfect balance of friends and relaxation :) Perhaps a little too much eating out tho ;)


Tamara said...

That's the exact feeling I was trying to describe when you asked me about Shutter Island - I could see the merit, but I'm still not sure if I liked it or not.

I like multiple small birthday events myself - means I get to celebrate for longer ;-)

Louisa said...

Wow! You had a really busy weekend. It was great seeing you again and I'm glad you got to see my daughter NOT screaming her head off for a change - she really is much cuter this way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, you certainly did a bit of gallivanting!
It was very cool to see you and catch up a little.

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