Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Tattooism of Phil

Was expecting to be yawning my head off already after last night's late night and practically no sleep from when I got home till my alarm went off ... you know those nights where every time you look at the clock an hour has passed and you think how on earth can I still be awake, I'm exhausted?! Well that was me last night. Hopefully this lack of tiredness right now will last thruout the day because I have plans for this evening as well!!

Anyhoo, so last night I got to meet @beagle_momma for the first time :) We've decided to go and get our wrist tattoos together (so no chickening out!) later this month (because my birthday is on the 26th and hers is the day after, how perfectly timed!). And we're going to Jaded Ink because it's owned by a friend of mine.

So since we'd never actually met before in real life we decided to go to Jaded Ink's First Birthday Body Art Show together last night along with @clairam and a few other friends.

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But first we met for dinner at in Cedar Square. It's kinda weird meeting someone you've never *really* met before but actually kinda know quite well. (Try explaining to people that I was going to get my tattoo with someone I'd never met before either?!?). But it was cool, as always :) I think @beagle_momma is the first person I've met thru twitter ... I've met loads thru blogging, but I actually think you kinda know less about people just over twitter.

I had a Haloumi, Avo and Chicken Burger, which was delish! @beagle_momma had steak-on-toast - haha. It was supposed to be a steak sandwich, but they had no Ciabata bread so she got it on plain old toasted white bread. Apparently it tasted quite good, but it was still quite funny!

And then it was off to the Barnyard in Broadacres for the show! The fashion show started at 8pm and was quite fascinating, although we were a bit too far away to see too much detail, there was a screen, but the images didn't show up that well, but when it did you could see the amazing intricacies of some of them! I must say, that the most peculiar one was a guy who had one of those Dutch scenes on his upper thigh, like the windmill & all. I thought it was most peculiar ... I will say that I find it very curious what people decide to get as tattoos. Is it just a pretty picture or does it mean something more to them.

Me, I've always wanted something really personally meaningful to me. Which is why I've never got one till now. I still really liked the whole idea when Varen got his family crest (that I stylised for him), but random Chinese symbols make *no* sense to me ... unless you speak Chinese or have some kind of meaningful connection to it. Which is why I picked my blog logo, since I designed it myself and it has definitely grown to have plenty of meaning to me. Plus I like it's simplicity and femininity.

After the Fashion Show we saw Urban Reign, One Day Remains and Prime Circle. It was a pretty awesome evening, and I managed to get home just before midnight.


AngelConradie said...

It sounds very interesting! I am simply itching for new ink...

The Chantal said...

lol I got a chinese word on my wrist 10 years ago, now I would prefer not to have it, as I feel quite dumb around chinese people, it is quite arb just to have a word, but it seemed right back then. The other day I saw a photo of myself and the tattoo was sticking out like a sore thumb, I kind of think bare flesh is more attractive now, although I really wanted a tattoo since I was a little girl.

Hope you take a photo and put it up here when you have it done. The wrist doesn't hurt at all, I honestly didnt feel a thing, just the pressure of the needle but nothing else.

Tamara said...

I'm looking forward to a pic!

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