Monday, May 03, 2010

Whee Kend

Wow, what a full weekend :) Was freaking cool. But first let me just fill you in on this morning's amazingness on my part. I've already been to gym today. Yes, that's right. After 2 months off, I started today, like I said I would *and* I woke up half an hour earlier (in this dark, but thankfully not-cold-today weather) to do it. Here's to keeping positive and keeping this up :) Yay, finger's crossed. (Note to self: I will probably be falling asleep at my desk come 3pm, but for now I'm all happy and shiny).

So the weekend. It started with after-work drinks at Rocket. Quite a nice little spot, although they were pretty damn rude about us moving tables around to accommodate our whole group (kept telling us they needed them for their evening bookings although we were done with them before anyone came needing them :P) I think I'd try it for dinner sometime tho.

After that it was off to the Central Grill at Cedar Square for DJMike's birthday drinks. Not a bad place, I had a nice Nutty Cous Cous Pasta there. Meh, not really my sorta place tho. After that Beukes, DJMike & I headed off for a final drink at FTv and discovered they were having a Cowboy night.

They had a mechanical bull and I couldn't go home without a turn ... I mean, hello, I just turned 30, one has to at least have tried these things. What's the worst that could happen? Well, honestly the worst that can happen is that you can't actually get onto the damn thing. Which nearly happened to me. I mean really, those things are high. They should come with a little step to make them easier to get onto! But eventually I managed. And I managed to stay on the bull for a whole 37seconds. To put it in perspective, of the girls, the shortest time was 2seconds and the longest a little over 50 ... so I was pretty average, which considering I've almost never ridden a horse in my lifetime, I'm quite impressed about!

On Saturday morning I meant to get up bright & early and start getting ready for the party (a Cheese & Wine with the work crowd, the first of my six 30th celebrations). But I fell back asleep for and hour & half instead of just half an hour. and then had a long chat to The Mom who spent her first night in her new home. But I did manage to get everything done :) I went off to Varen's aunt & uncle's cheese shop for supplies. It was a bit weird, but I survived. And then I got a nice piece of Masonite board for a mere R40 which I covered in wax-paper to protect my new table (stroke of genius by The Mom!).

And then it was off to the shops to buy all the supplies. And a little relaxing outside with the Bunnies and then more prep-work before the guests arrived. Which they did on the dot ... I wasn't even dressed yet :P Haha. But it worked out great and I had a lovely lovely evening with everyone who came (16 plus me in the end!). Here's a before and after shot of the table ... pics did not come out great because I don't have a tripod to keep the longer exposures stable :( And of course there's the whole annoying yellow indoor light thing. Although I now know how to change the settings on my camera, remembering to do so is still not second nature!

Everyone left at about 23h30 so Beukes & I attempted RR. We came home early tho, it was a very weird vibe, nothing like the last few weeks and almost felt like and entirely different crowd was there.But it turned out to be fore the best because I certainly couldn't have survived Sunday with any less sleep - haha.

Woke up to my alarm at 9am and proceeded to clean the house (quite impressive, if you ask me!) and then headed off to The Chinese Market in Bruma with Loulou and J9-double0blonde. Was actually quite an awesome outing, although J9 & I didn't end up actually buying anything (I did try on some stuff in my defense!) And we had yummy Chinese food for lunch.

Later I went to watch Kick Ass. Which was pretty silly. Plus I could not believe how packed Monte Casino was on a Sunday evening. I dunno, I mean the trailer looked amusing, and I did kind of like the concept of the movie, but it wasn't especially great. Have to find time in the next few weeks to watch Iron Man2 (swoon, Robert Downey Jnr) and Men Who Talk to Goats. I love it when I'm spoilt for choice at the movies :) Such a nice change from looking thru the listings wondering what they were thinking.


Anonymous said...

We saw Iron Man 2 this weekend. It was so great! Love me som Robert Downey Jr. :)

Your weekend sounds fab.

Louisa said...

Whoohoo! mechanical bull, very impressive - I once got on to one of those beasts and lasted just a few seconds...very embarrassing.

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