Monday, June 28, 2010

Five of Six

On Friday, J9 joined myself and some of the SCM crowd to watch some comedy at The Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein. It was awesome, Chris Forrest was MC-ing, John Vlismas was headlining and Tall-Ass Mo, Loyiso Gola and some others I can't remember the names of ... it wasn't very well advertised so I'd guess there were maybe 150 people in the audience. And our whole group got comps (yay!).

It was awesome, I haven't seen live comedy in a while, and I love it! The venue is also pretty funky ... although we were lucky we could just wherever we wanted because some of those rows are too close together for taller people to sit comfortably (I was fine tho). And underneath the theatre is a little bar area where DJ Fresh & Euphonik were supposed to play, but apparently they left because of the minimal turnout (apparently someone forgot to advertise the evening ?!?)

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On Saturday evening I had another 30th Birthday Dinner Party. I made the same dish as the first (Spinach & Ricotta stuffed Pasta in Tomato Sauce) and I think practice is making perfect because it turned out even better than the first evening! The group was lovely, a few of my poker-friends, The Housemate, Louisa and Jackson's Mom. After this one I'm actually thinking I should've mixed the groups up a little and introduced everyone to a few new people ... perhaps I will have to plan a few more dinner parties in future. Although once my SCM Dinner Party (last one) is done, I really wanna have a Games Night again.

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I had a truly awesome time, especially catching up with Louisa & Jackson's Mom who I hadn't seen in ages! And after they left, it was off to RR to celebrate Bri-Guy's birthday. Was a bit of a weird night ... usually people at RR leave you alone on the dance floor, but this was one of those nights when the guys were particularly lecherous. Not the most fun I've had there.

Sunday wasn't terribly exciting, I mostly slothed but did get some admin done. *And* I went to gym on both weekend days. That's 7 times in 9 days. Not too shabby, me thinks. Am hoping to finalise the holiday booking before the end of the week. Apparently August is the time I should be traveling (according to my numbers :P), so that is the plan ... even tho I don't buy into this stuff, I don't really have any special preference either way for August or September, so why not.


Anonymous said...

I love John Vlismas! SA has such great comedians - Trevor Noah has to be my all time favourite though.

Anonymous said...

I had a really good time too, thanks for inviting me! :-)

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