Monday, September 06, 2010

Did I ever go on Holiday?

Wow, already my second Monday back at work. Last week just flew by!

On Thursday I went to JBs corner and had a lovely catch-up dinner with some friends. On Friday evening I was only going to pop past a friend from work's birthday for a quick drink, but it ended up being great fun with loads of us from work there and I ended up staying a lot later than I'd expected.

I didn't wake up feeling 100% on Saturday morning and so lazed in bed quite a bit longer than I was expecting since I had plenty of admin planned. Went to buy TheBundles a new hay bale and dropped my SLR off at CameraTek for a service and proper clean (should hear on Tuesday how much that is gonna end up costing me - yikes!). It is going to cause a bit of a problem for the #365 tho since I won't get it back for a good 8-10 days. And I had a bit of a look at what was available in the little point 'n click market at the moment since mine officially needs replacing after this trip. It was freaking useless a lot of the time. I think the auto-focus mechanism went because it just used to shake once switched on. Which I think is ridiculous since it's not very old ... although perhaps 2&half years is a fair enough age for a point 'n click. Plus mine does travel a fair amount ;)

And then CollegeInstructor and I headed off to have a look at hard drives. I decided I desperately need some form of storage for all these photos since my laptop is almost completely full now. We each got ourselves a Samsung 1.5Tb External Drive from Makro who were selling it on promotion for R899. Hahaha, so far I still have over a Tb of free space on it, after copying my Photos and Music folders across. Yay.

We also went round to see my new little apartment again. I wanted to see it in the daylight. Still thrilled with it, but really must now get a move on with the new-tenant-hunt because I have decided that there really is no way I can live there myself. The traffic from Lonehill would cause me to die a slow daily death :P

Later on Saturday afternoon I headed off to Cool Runnings to meet up with the SCM Dinner crew for a birthday bash which started with watching the Rugby. We won't discuss that ;) I didn't end up staying too late. I was completely exhausted from my week and still not feeling great so decided that at home and in bed with series would be a far better use of my time :) And it really was.

On Sunday CollegeInstructor and I went to Doppio Zero for breakfast. He, TheHousemate and a few other people had had rather a large night so were all suffering a little I think. Urgh. Doppio irritates me. It's like I have to go back there every few months to remind myself that I don't actually like the place since they took my favourite breakfast off the menu :(

Later that afternoon (after some running about trying to find new fairy lights, which is no easy feat), I went to visit @saulkza and @Nadgia at their new home. They haven't moved in just yet, but the renovations are finished and the place is looking *amazing* :) We finished off the evening with dinner at Piza e Vino. It wasn't as awesome as I remembered it from my first meal there, but still pretty yummy pizzas :)

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So, yes, as usual ... I spent the weekend eating out - hahaha. And this week isn't going to be any less busy than last week. Shoo.

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