Friday, October 08, 2010

Boring Title Oh-Two

So far it's been a fab week, mostly. Aside from and in spite of my general head space lately.

On Wednesday afternoon I went for a much needed (and probably long overdue) massage at the Renaissance Spa in Sandton. It's probably going to sound strange, but I went with 3 boys, @MarkGStacey, @ClaudeTschepen and @scottjorton. It all started about a week before when @ClaudeTschepen was raving about the massage he'd just had and @MarkGStacey & I said we were keen to go along the next time. Although it ended up purely fluke that we all ended up there at the same time - haha. Not that I even saw them there except as we arrived and were leaving.

The swedish massage was pretty fab. Better than some I've had. I had a swim in their Roman Bath as well (not very exciting on your own) and absolutely loved their shower with 6 shower heads :) Afterwards the four of us went and had dinner at Caffe Della Salute.

Yesterday we had our first Joburg thunderstorm of the season :) And I met up with @NoaNeo1 for a long overdue catch up dinner at Gourmet Garage. Such a lovely evening :)

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