Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Right, so back to regular programming. Last Thursday evening was book club which was good. On Friday I went out for a drink with @samanthaperry at The Brazen Head - seems everyone is celebrating last days of work lately :P Not me ... I'm here right up until the 23rd. And then it's off to Cape Town :) Yay.

On Saturday I had a busy morning. It started with a very disappointing visit to the Post Office. I had ordered new lights for my bed from The In Thing (it may sound peculiar, but it makes much more sense if you've seen it!) ... wa-ay back forever ago and was waiting for them to arrive on a shipment from Thailand. They finally got to South Africa and I got my tracking number for them last Monday. So I figured if I go to the Post Office on Saturday morning they should be there. But there was no slip in my post box and I couldn't check a damn thing on their useless website from my phone :P Pffft. Already now annoyed by this, I went to the actual Post Office and figured if there wasn't too much of a queue I'd try just asking. Well the lady was completely unhelpful. Apparently their system was down nationwide and there was nothing she could do for me. Sigh, after my Post Office experience with The Peeb's gift and now this, they are NOT on my #brandplus list!!

Then I went to Sandton (still had Mom's last gift to buy, but had no bright ideas!) and ended up having breakfast with @Rubyletters at Mugg & Bean, which was lovely :) And the morning ended super well because I did find Mom's last gift before I left the center!

Then I popped into DJMike's to collect my Hard Drive full of series :) Yay. I may never leave my house again (except for work and my trip to Cape Town - hahaha). And then it was off home again to swap keys with @samanthaperry. I'll be fish-sitting for her while she's away and she'll be looking after The Bundles while I'm away. A great arrangement :)

And that was pretty much that till I headed out in a huge storm to J9-double0blonde's 30th Birthday Picnic. Not ideal picnic weather, but she had a great back-up plan in the lounge ready :)

And then on Sunday I had a very lazy morning in bed (the weather has really been playing along for just that!) and then met up with Loulou at Koi for a sushi lunch - delish!!

And that was about that for the weekend. Last night was SCMDinner, as usual :) And oh boy am I really looking forward to the public holiday on Thursday! Just really in a non-focused work-space right now! Plus this weather is so perfect for staying in bed, NOT for getting up early and going to work :)

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Ruby said...

Always lovely having an unplanned brunch with a friend:)v

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