Friday, February 25, 2011

Mulling Things Over

Awe, my last day in our Cape Town office. Seriously tho, it has been an eye-opening experience on what I think I'd like my next phase of life to be. I mean I know I want to eventually settle down and have babies, but I don't see it happening anytime sooner than the next 3yrs (since I have yet to meet anyone who vaguely interests me). And spending time here in our Seapoint offices has made me realise I missed out on the experience of Cape Town city living. I am thinking that it'd be an awesome way to spend the next couple of years of my life. Refreshing.

I have realised this week, when asked if I could give up my Joburg social life, that although I thought it was friends & work tying me to Joburg, I don't really know what my Joburg social life is. Okay, I know I keep fairly busy. But I couldn't tell you what I'm doing or who I'm doing it with. None of it is very consistent, except for SCM Dinners on Monday nights. The more I think about it, the more I think that I may have reached the same level of complacency about Joburg life as I did about Cape Town before I ended up leaving. 2011 may be the year of moving home. But I'm going to try to just mull over the pros and cons till after I'm back from my holiday (Visa chaos begins again next week!).

(Quick aside: That doesn't for one minute mean that there aren't people I wouldn't miss terribly if I left Joburg ... and I guess the down side would be not being forced back for holidays, like I was with Cape Town and I got to see my friends while visiting, but hopefully, I'd still get to go for work occasionally. Anyway, again, not thinking about this yet.)

Anyway, so what else have I been up to while here ... Well I had a lovely dinner with Mom, The Peeb & Doc on their Garden's apartment balcony. It was so gorgeous. If I come back to Cape Town, the rule will be living town-side. Otherwise it's just not worth doing. And then last night I went to CTFM with Dad for dinner.

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