Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow Weekend

Wow, yet another *amazing* weekend. (Can you tell, my trip to Cape Town definitely squashed my blue mood!).

I finished work early on Friday afternoon because everyone in the Cape Town office was going to a 2 hour presentation that will be done for the Joburg office this week ... and I certainly wasn't going to sit thru it twice. I'd much rather enjoy a Friday afternoon off in Cape Town, obviously :) So I made a mad dash from Seapoint to Kalk Bay to meet The Trucker & a friend of his at the Brass Bell for drinks. Which was fabulous, since I hadn't been round to False Bay yet. Was a gorgeous afternoon and a bit later we moved on to Cape to Cuba for dinner. Oh my word. It was delish and I adore that place's decor ... has been *ages* since I was last there!

On Saturday morning I spent some time visiting my gran and then later I headed to the airport with Mom & Daddio. We had lunch before my flight left at Mugg & Bean (was not especially impressive). The flight was uneventful, as was the rest of Saturday evening ...

On Sunday morning I spent some time with the bunnies and then headed off to meet Loulou at the Exclusive Books warehouse sale. R50 per kilo of books! Yes please. I ended up buying 8 books for R130. 2 were even from my online wishlist and 1 was by a friend's sister. After that we headed off to Doppio for some breakfast.

Then I had some time to clean the bunny hutch. As usual I went to buy them 3 sheets of grass. And after cleaning when I was replacing their water bowl & food, I found a little frog (I think she was a Common Caco) had come along in the grass. I moved him to my pond, but he seems to have decided to move on (sadly, I was really looking forward to having him live there!).

After that it was off to @Nadgia's mom's house for the Sass Design Shoot. Remember when a whole bunch of us blogger's descended on Sass's house to buy her divine dresses. Well we decided to do a photo shoot all together in the items we bought. It was *such* a fun afternoon and we were so lucky because we had Jenty photographing us, as well as 3 other photogs she brought along with her *spoilt*.

Sigh, and this morning I drove all the way to the new offices. Okay, it's about an extra 10-15 mins to my previous 5min journey to work ... but no doubt will be worse in the afternoon, I expect. Plus it'll probably wreak havoc with my barely memorable gym-schedule (a week in Cape Town will do that to you). Anyhoo, the place is pretty much chaos now as we're all crowded onto the ground floor while we wait for the renovations and what not to be completed.

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