Friday, June 10, 2011

Back to Busy

It's been busy as usual this week. On Wednesday I was having one of those minor freak outs about life and work and the universe and everything. But I had a hair appointment that afternoon and after a minor bout with the most awful post-storm traffic, I got there and left and hour later in a *much* better mood :)

It was well past time for a trim since I can't actually even remember the last time I went for a haircut. Definitely not since Varen & I broke up, sheesh. So quite a lot got trimmed off and she did an awesome blow-wave with a curl (instead of the usual straightening I have done). Very fancy schmancy, was so sorry to see it go back to normal after I washed my hair yesterday afternoon :(

And so, with a new haircut, I decided I wouldn't spend the cold winter evening home keeping warm, instead I headed out for a quick drink and a bite to eat with some of the SCM crowd at The Catemba Kitchen off Malibongwe. Haha, people kept arriving and we must've changed our table configuration at least 4 times, I'm sure the waiter thought we were nuts. But we were the only people in the place, so it didn't much matter. It's not a place I'll bother going back to on purpose, the food was very average and having to fight with KFC patrons for parking makes it terribly inconvenient.

Last night I went to Cedar Square with The Trucker to watch The Hangover 2 (I let him pick the movie ... I owed him one after Water for Elephants). We had dinner at Bangkok Wok, which was not as fabulous as I remember it being :( (After reading my previous blog post I realised I ordered the wrong Duck dish! Sigh).

The movie did have funny moments, well, in the typical cringe-worthy way of the original. But I didn't think it was as awesome as people are making it out to be. And I didn't think it was as entertaining as the first one, I guess cause we knew the premise upfront this time around. I dunno. It still leaves me terrified for any potential bachelor parties a boyfriend of mine would attend.

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