Monday, September 12, 2011


To say this weekend did not end well would be an understatement ... but thankfully it started well :)

The Trucker worked late again but I had a girls-fondue to attend at @WhizBangLouLou's which turned out to be such a fun evening with a great group of girls :) Seriously, I had a blast!

I ended up getting to The Trucker's place at about 22h30 to find him almost passed out asleep. Poor boy! On Saturday morning we had a disappointing breakfast at Chef and The Fat Man. I guess I'm just not really a buffet-breakfast kinda girl.

And then it was off to buy The Bundles a new hay bale (Midfeeds has moved which caused some confusion). And then there was other admin. The Trucker is *amazing* when it comes to house-admin ... we changed all the blown light bulbs (4!) - Could not get The Housemate or Varen to do that without weeks of nagging! And he fixed my washing machine which was leaking ... apparently when I assembled it, I connected one of the water-cables the wrong way round - oops. But I don't feel too bad since it took more than 18mnths for anyone to even notice it or for it to start leaking (which I think had more to do with needing plumbers tape than my mistake.

And then we tried to have a relaxing afternoon. I hadn't slept well at all on Friday night and The Trucker was still playing catch-up on sleep from Thursday night. Well, I had a relaxing afternoon reading my book, the poor boy didn't get to sleep uninterrupted for even half an hour in 3 hrs. His phone is *always* ringing, there is always some crisis that needs him!

Anyhoo, I made us a very late lunch at 16h30 and then after The Bundles had a bit of a run around we headed off to his house for a walk. Then I had a divine bath with my book while he faffed with his house stuff. And then we settled in with some popcorn to watch Super 8.

Boy am I glad we didn't bother going to the cinema for this one. I renamed it Super Dumb. Seriously, do not bother watching this. It is like it was trying to be one of those kid-group movies from the 80s or something but throw in some completely unbelievable alien nonsense and you just lose it. Yeah, I did not enjoy it.

On Sunday we were up early and off to Zoo Lake for The Trucker's cricket game (to be played around the Rugby World Cup screening). Was quite a cool morning, although the boy was pretty stressed with work stuff (I can relate, I can't stand waiting on 3rd parties to fix issues). So I went home around 13h30, he stayed to play the final (cause they won their morning match) and then went off to work again. Thank goodness tho at the end of the evening they'd finished what needed doing, so am sure that's a weight off his mind :)

Me, I did more house admin, cleaned the bunny hutch, finished up my Botswana blog posts (!). While I ate dinner, I watched 9
. It was okay, quite sweet, I guess. But again, I'm not a huge fan of animated movies.

And then around 8pm started to feel yuck. It must've been something I ate, I think. OMG I felt completely green. I think I threw up at least 4 times. I couldn't even sip water without throwing up. It was that awful full-body retching. My body was sore and drained. And I was so thirsty. Seriously, a far from ideal way to end my weekend. The last time I remember feeling that bad was when I got back from Egypt with a 7-day stomach virus.

And you know that weird combo of I don't want anyone to see me ill like this (cause who can stand the sound of someone else throwing up?!) versus omg, I just want someone here to look after me and make me feel better. Yeah, that. The Trucker was pretty good over bbm tho :)

Luckily although I am fragile this morning, I seem to be alright. Have managed some water, gingerbeer and an apple. Will have some bovril toast before heading into work a little later ... There is no way I'm going to work before I am certain I can keep my food down!!


Anonymous said...

Urg....upset tummies are the worst. Hope ur feeling all better now!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better now - shame man, that sucks!

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