Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Second Attempt

Righto, and life continues along it's bizarre path ... last night The Trucker did, in fact, come over. I know, weirdest break up ever, right?

The truth is we're no longer broken up.

He came over, I made dinner, we chatted some more without the TV on ... I think this is actually an awesome new trick I plan to employ. Somehow you'd think that surely when you go out for dinner you'd talk and chat and catch-up face-to-face properly ... and I guess sometimes you do and sometimes you've spent so much time with someone recently that it's nice to just sit quietly (or you can just make up new stuff to chat about, but that can go either way, honestly). But I think what we skipped was the sitting around at home chatting. It's nice to have found it again because I don't think we've done much other than that since Friday evening.

We discussed our days, we've always been very good at that. And actually there is some very promising news on his work-front. Not that I think it'll free up much of his time necessarily, but rather that it'll put him in less of a blue mood. So fingers crossed about all that :) And then I said to him, it's almost like we didn't actually break up.

And so started the discussion around where to from here. Honestly his time isn't that much of a problem for me ... I'm quite used to boys who work late (anyone know one who doesn't?) and are pretty single-mindedly focused on work. All I need is to know what's going on, really. I like to be organised and know what's planned and what to expect. I don't think it's going to be easy. I'm hoping we can keep the upfront honesty going about how we feel and what we want and what works and what doesn't. Who knows.

It was remarkably easy to switch right back (and that's not to say we didn't both think this break-up was for real, we returned all our stuff, we made other plans), although I think we're both a little tentative to see how things go and to take it easy and not put any undue pressure on the situation. But it was really nice and my heart is much lighter this morning :)

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