Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be My Valentine

Well, I started this post by reading thru all the past Valentines posts (or lack thereof) on my blog ... It certainly highlights the truth of the matter that Valentines Day is really not right up there on my list of things to do. It is not a major event for me, by any stretch of the imagination. And as I said last year, the only really vivid one that sticks with me is a picnic I'd had with Bean ... perhaps it's because I have photos from that evening?

Anyway, this year, I'm with The Trucker. And I wanted to do something special for us. He made it clear upfront he doesn't "do" Valentines Day. Which I'm totally okay with (I'm not big on the card & gift bit either, flowers would've been nice tho ;) ) as long as he agreed to dinner with me. He seemed a little nervous it might actually be out at a restaurant, but I do NOT want that sort of chaos or pressure. Besides, we eat out plenty the rest of the time. That wouldn't make it special.

I had lots of really simple plans that came together absolutely perfectly and the evening was pure bliss. Seriously, things are going so well at the moment and life is so awesome (aside from the fact that I'm still not feeling 100%), that I'm a little nervous for the down that might be coming ... but that aside, I am loving life right now <3

So I pictured a picnic dinner in my little garden with candles in brown-paper bags and red lindt balls and chocolate hearts strung from the trees. It worked so well. And the weather was perfect :)

We drank champagne (and the ciders we'd bought at the neighbourhood goods market on Saturday) and ate heart-shaped watermelon for starters (an awesome idea I saw on Pinterest!). Dinner was simple: Tuna Salad with some ciabatta (I even got him olive ciabatta, which shows how much I care because I despise the stuff! Haha). And then dessert was Berry Sorbet on Wafer biscuits. Dessert didn't quite turn out how I'd planned (was supposed to demo it on Monday night for @louisabouwer, but that never happened :( ).

We sat and chatted outside all evening. Spending some time planning our Vietnam holiday (hopefully Aug/Sept) and discussing the last little details for our April/May River Rafting, Namibia & Kgalagadi trip :)

I won't lie, it was about as perfect as it gets *gush*

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