Thursday, March 01, 2012

Pretty Much Perfect

Another lovely week in progress over here. I'll say it again, life is good and full. Warm & Fuzzies. Haha.

Monday was a nice quiet uneventful evening at home. On Tuesday I finally made it back to a SCM Dinner (have missed it for 2 weeks). It was really nice to see everyone again.

And then last night I took The trucker out for a belated birthday dinner (since there really wasn't time on the weekend). Originally I'd told him to pick a restaurant, being his birthday and all. But then inspiration struck and I decided on a surprise restaurant instead. I don't think he minded at all since he has had quiet the chaotic week (he got the new Pajero on Tuesday ... and is still very upset about saying goodbye to his bmw).

I saw the car for the first time last night and I kinda totally get it. It's gonna be awesome and I can't wait for us to take it to Namibia in April/May, but it is big and not nearly as subtle as the bmw. Although for someone who has owned as many cars as he has (and he had this bmw longer than any other car he's ever owned, I think ... since he made it over the 1yr mark!) I didn't think he'd be this fussed about it. On the plus side it has already out-lasted the 24hour Toureg (now there is a story - haha!)

Anyway, it's kinda hard to surprise someone with a destination when they are driving, but still. Off we headed for dinner at DW11-13. We'd tried to go once before but they were fully booked, so neither of us had been before.

I won't lie, this is not a cheap night out (the starters are all around R100). But we really enjoyed the food :) We shared a starter, their 'chili and ginger infused melon, buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, chiffonade rocket, de boeren extra virgin olive oil, balsamic reduction'. The melon was really good and I'm a huge fan of buffalo mozzarella :) The Trucker had the fillet for mains (which he loved!) and I had their Scottish Salmon (which I've so missed since F!sh closed down :( ) which was spot on and perfect.

We did the wine teasers with our main course, which I really like the idea of. And then somehow managed to find space for dessert. I had their 'chocolate marquise, rose water ice-cream, chocolate soil, candy floss, caramel sauce' - what a novelty the candy floss was :) And The Trucker had their 'peanut butter parfait, cherry sorbet, warm cherry sauce, red wine poached cherries, hazelnut tuille'.

All in all a pretty perfect dinner out, honestly. I know some people struggle with the portion sizes (and for the price it probably doesn't seem like enough), but it was enough for me.

Am super glad I did my personal training measurements before dinner tho :) And in very exciting news, I am apparently down 3% body fat! Whoop. Although I'm still not convinced since I can't feel all these lost centimetres in my clothes yet ...

In annoying news tho, we found out yesterday that we will be missing Russell Peters' show in South Africa :( We'll be in CT when he is in Joburg and vice versa .... pfft. But we do have so much lined up already :)

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