Monday, February 06, 2012

Full of Awesomeness

Shoo. It was a good weekend. Am still feeling all loved up :) Which I'll take to be an awesome sign.

I collected my photo frames from The Frame Shack on Friday and when I got home from work I got the brown paper markers out and stuck them all back on the wall. That's them all laid out on my floor, planning the layout, half with their brown paper markers in place. I am so excited to get my photo wall hung before Mom & The Peeb get here :)

Later, The Trucker came over with pizza and we watched Drive because we were both pretty exhausted from the week. Hmmm. The movie was kinda weird. Way more graphically violent than I was expecting. I dunno if I liked it really or not ...

On Saturday The Trucker was supposed to be working, but that got postponed to a night this week instead. So we headed off to The Salvation Cafe for breakfast with @Toxic_Mouse and his lovely lady. Yum. I forgot how truly awesome their breakfasts are :) And then it was off to get lots of admin done. I got a mattress for the spare-room day-bed. And a fitted sheet. So everything is now ready for Mom & Peeb's visit. Excellent :)

In other very awesome news, I've been looking for a new linen set for my bed and on Friday I saw these adorable pillow cases on Pinterest. And I bought them :) They've been shipped already, not sure when they'll be arriving. But I also got myself a new plain white duvet cover & 2 pillow cases to go with them. Once they've arrived I'll decide on either a black or red sheet to match :) I am completely thrilled. I have honestly been looking for something I like for ages now!

We also hit Builder's Warehouse for a multitude of nails and whatnot to get all my photo-wall pictures hung (along with a bunch of other stuff that needed re-attaching to walls).

And then we had a pretty relaxing afternoon ... with some re-planning of our April/May river rafting trip :) In the evening, we decided to go for dinner at Cranks (has been ages!) and I dragged him along to watch We Need To Talk About Kevin. I didn't think the movie was bad ... I was worried that The Trucker was bored during it tho ... it is a bit sloooooow. I would vote you skip the movie and read the book (isn't that always the way?).

On Sunday we stayed in bed surprisingly late (The Trucker slept while I read my book and dozed - I'm usually up at 6:30 on weekends! On Saturday I went and read outside on my bench while the bunnies ran and he slept - it's why I prefer staying at my house :) ) and then headed to breakfast with his sister and niece before getting some grocery shopping done. I also collected our Phantom tickets. We're going this Friday and I can't wait :)

After that we headed off to The Trucker's LMS cricket match ... which ended up being rained out before the first innings was over. Sheesh it was quite the storm. But I can't complain because the fact that we got home early meant my photo wall got hung. Seriously, I can't stop staring at it. It looks so awesome :) (way more awesome than that awful photo taken with my BB shows, I promise ... but you can sort of get an idea) I am more than thrilled with it! And this morning the photos were all still on the wall too - haha. Wow, I adore this boy, he spoils me so with handy-man tasks!

After that, we got some sushi for dinner and watched Margin Call. Hmmm. I saw the trailer for this and was quite keen to watch it, what with it's star-studded cast. But what a *yawn*. Seriously. Usually you can't go wrong with a Kevin Spacey movie ... but this one. It was so boring. I do not recommend you bother with it at all.

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