Friday, February 03, 2012

The Busiest

Well it has been quite a busy week! I am ready for a very quiet weekend.

On Monday night, CollegeInstructor came over for dinner. This involved a mad rush last minute visit to the shops because I changed my mind about what I should make for dinner after I got home from gym. I made my Thai Butternut Soup with Prawns. This time I added in some 2 minute noodles as well, which worked quite well ... but I was really looking more for those glass-noodle type things. Anyway. It was a success and we had a lovely evening catching up :)

On Tuesday I was going to go the SCM, but then I wasn't feeling very sociable and I just crawled into bed for what was supposed to be an early night ... well, I was in bed early. I finished reading my book but then couldn't fall asleep ... typical :P *yawn*

On Wednesday I saw The Trucker. We ended up going to a friend of his bday at Schwabing. It's kinda weird that after dating for 8months there are friends of his I've never met ... and then I realised there are loads of my friends he hasn't met either. But I put that down to me doing lots of girl's nights with my girl-friends. See, so I'm not so bad, he may not have met them, but I have seen them in the last 8 months, these are friends of his that even he hasn't seen since we started dating! Anyhoo ...

Last night was another mad dinner rush. But more so because I got home from gym at about 6pm and had 6 people coming for dinner at 7pm. Excellent planning, I know. It went off quite well although I had to enlist some help as guests arrived and we only ate around 8pm (and it only ended up being 4 of us). I made those Smoked Snoek Babotie in Poppadum cups ... except with smoked chicken instead of fish, a salad with avo, mozzarella and tomatoes and then for dessert the Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries.

Shoo. I'm exhausted. But I still have something more to look forward to today (there are so many little awesome things to look forward to this year! It's amazing so far :) ) ... I'm going to fetch my mounted photo frames! Yay. I can NOT wait. Although I doubt The Trucker will have time to hang them this weekend :( (he's working tomor :( ) I will re-do the brown-paper configuration on the wall and go and buy the nails and what not. I will have them all hanging before Mom and The Peeb come up to visit (in 2 weeks!)

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