Monday, February 20, 2012


Wow. That weekend just *flew* by! Seriously, I just about blinked and it was over. Mom and The Peeb flew up late on Friday night (The Trucker & I picked them up at 10pm after an evening of watching series while he worked at home). Was awesome to see them, and to try and show off my house in the dark - haha.

Anyhoo, on Saturday I woke up early (was still coughing up a storm from last week, luckily seem better today) and sat outside reading watching the bunnies waiting for them to wake up. Had a bit of a cat incident on Saturday morning which left the bunnies pretty spooked! This does not make me happy. Luckily it hasn't been back.

We had a lazy morning at home, with some yummy breakfast and then it was off to Mangwanani Spa for the Afternoon Half Day Spa Package. Let me point out here that this really was a treat for us three, none of us are really pamper types, we probably rarely spoil ourselves like this usually and certainly have never done something like this together. But since I am missing any potential pre-wedding stuff for The Peeb, it seemed like an awesome opportunity. And it was lovely.

I was surprised at how packed the place was, but I suppose it was the post-valentines weekend. The light lunch was tasty and the treatments were all pretty good. There was a lot of dozing going on! Haha. I really quite like it as a venue. You feel like you are out in the middle of the country or something, I think it's been nicely designed :)

We finished up at about 5pm and headed home. The Trucker met us a little later and we headed off to dinner at Cafe del Sol. I've been wanting to go back here for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity. Shoo, the food was so good (Admittedly I ordered exactly what I had last time - it was superb). Such a nice evening :)

On Sunday it was Mom's birthday and the 4 of us headed off to Market on Main. I was a little disappointed.Although I was absolutely enthralled the first time we went, this time it fell rather short of the Neighbourhood Goods Market we'd been to last Saturday. The first time we went, Neighbourhood goods had yet to actually start up, I think. There were definitely fewer stalls and fewer people. There was a lot less on offer that appealed for breakfast than there was last weekend at Neighbourhood Goods. Oh well, it was still good to go and taste all sorts of things.

In the afternoon The Mom and I popped out to do a little more shopping, I found something I thought would be perfect for her bday gift but she wasn't so sure so we went hunting for an alternative ... sadly we haven't yet found the perfect thing :(

And then there was some more relaxing before The Trucker came back to take them to the airport with me again. Shew. Seriously, it flew by!

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