Monday, March 26, 2012

2 Weddings & a Flight to Cape Town

Mkay, so I'm typing this on my phone from our Cape Town offices. I'm here for a week and my computer has been shipped but hasn't arrived yet. To be fair I'm one of only 3 people actually here so far tho.

So, the weekend. Shoo. It was crazy busy. But first, on Thursday eve I went to dinner at Kong Roast for @WhizBangLouLou's surprise birthday dinner. Her family were all away for her actual birthday so I organised a bunch of her friends to surprise her. We sat waiting at a table with helium balloons and Hello Kitty party hats. The look on her face when she saw us was awesome.

Dinner was good, I had a caramelised pork dish which I'd have again. Although we ended up eating quite late

Then on Friday, I left work at about 12:30 to head home, pack and get all dolled up for The Trucker's friend's wedding at 3pm.

Shoo, we only left at about 11pm, it was a long day. But a nice wedding :)

On Saturday we were up & left the house a little late (in retrospect). I'm usually compulsively on time/eary, but The Trucker assured me we'd be at Lanseria with enough time.

Turns out Lanseria is not what it used to be ... There are now 3 airlines flying out of there and the place is chaos (we didn't realise it was school holidays!). We arrived half an hour before our flight but they wouldn't let us check-in. Luckily there was a half hour later flight which we made by the skin of our teeth!

I managed to calm down on the flight, I don't deal well with those kinds of situations. The Trucker remains far too calm. But we made it. Unfortunately once we arrived in CT I started panic-ing again. We had to get from the airport to my mom's house (half hour drive), get showered & dressed and collect my gran in an hour to get to The Wild Fig in time for The Peeb's midday wedding.

Shoo. It was crazy. But we made it and then I could calm down for real (and for the rest of our time here, hopefully :) ). The restaurant made for a lovely venue and it was great catching up with family & friends. Good to meet the groom's family who'd come out from America.

It was a lovely lovely afternoon. The Peeb & her hubby looked happier than I've ever seen them :) He said some lovely things in his speech and I think they have an awesome future to look forward to together! Seriously, these two are pretty much perfect for each other :)

The Trucker & I headed home for a nap before a bunch of us went over to my dad's for the evening and a light dinner.

Sunday was way more relaxed! We woke up late, had breakfast at home with my mom and then we went to Noordhoek for a walk on Long Beach. Then we took Chappies over to Hout Bay for some lunch at The Lookout Deck. Don't recommend their sushi, their chef is very heavy-handed with the mayo ... Which usually I like, but not when it's all you can taste!

We got ourselves a soft-serve ice-cream and walked along the docks before heading home thru Constantia.

We relaxed at home the rest of the afternoon.

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Lovely Light said...

Two weddings in quick order! Missing a plane would stress me out as well. I just noticed The Wild Fig the other day while visiting friends at the observatory. I'll have to try it!

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